The most accessible Canadian bioethics text that clearly demonstrates the process of moral reasoning through a breadth of expertly chosen readingsThis comprehensive introduction to bioethical issues emphasizes Canadian policies, issues, and scholars. Using the human lifespan as an organizing narrative, Bioethics in Canada explores ethical theories through a diverse selection of readings discussing traditional and cutting-edge topics in thefield.
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Genre: American poetry, Editor: , Pages: 662 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1561672726

A resource for the photographic conservator, conservation scientist, curator, as well as professional collector, this volume synthesizes both the masses of research that has been completed to date and the international standards that have been established on the subject.
Genre: Photography, Editor: Getty Publications, Pages: 304 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0892367016

One of the main concerns for digital photographers today is asset management: how to file, find, protect, and re-use their photos. The best solutions can be found in The DAM Book, our bestselling guide to managing digital images efficiently and effectively. Anyone who shoots, scans, or stores digital photographs is practicing digital asset management (DAM), but few people do it in a way that makes sense. In this second edition, photographer Peter Krogh -- the leading expert on DAM -- provides new tools and techniques to help professionals, amateurs, and students: Understand the image file lifecycle: from shooting to editing, output, and permanent storage Learn new ways to use metadata and key words to track photo files Create a digital archive and name files clearly Determine a strategy for backing up and validating image data Learn a catalog workflow strategy, using Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft Expression Media, and Photoshop CS4 together Migrate images from one file format to another, from one storage medium to another, and from film to digital Learn how to copyright images To identify and protect your images in the marketplace, having a solid asset management system is essential. The DAM Book offers the best approach.
Genre: Photography, Editor: "O'Reilly Media, Inc.", Pages: 496 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781449343712

To facilitate the development of novel drug delivery systems and biotechnology-oriented drugs, the need for new excipients to be developed and approved continues to increase. Excipient Development for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Drug Delivery Systems serves as a comprehensive source to improve understanding of excipients and forge new avenue
Genre: Medical, Editor: CRC Press, Pages: 452 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781420004137

A coloring book with the theme of Woodstock, IL landmarks
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Find out about the fast and furious growth and evolution of video games (including how they are quickly taking over the world!) by looking at some of the most popular, innovative, and influential games ever, from Pong, the very first arcade game ever, to modern hits like Uncharted. Learn about the creators and inspiration (Mario was named after Nintendo’s landlord after he barged into a staff meeting demanding rent), discover historical trivia and Easter eggs (The developers of Halo 2 drank over 24,000 gallons of soda while making the game), and explore the innovations that make each game special (The ghosts in Pac-Man are the first example of AI in a video game). Whether you consider yourself a hard-core gamer or are just curious to see what everyone is talking about, Game On! is the book for you!
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction, Editor: Feiwel & Friends, Pages: 240 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781250080967

Ideal for babies and toddlers Tough, sturdy construction Push-button sound bar with ten words or numbers to hear and say Teaches basic vocabulary and counting skills
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