A little boy who overfeeds his goldfish begins an adventure that brings even the police and a fire engine to cope with a fish out of water. Beginning readers will delight in this fast-moving story.
Genre: English language, Editor: HarperCollins Children's Books, Pages: 64 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0007242573

When a pet goldfish is given more food than it needs, the results quickly become alarming: only the wise intervention of Mr. Carp, a fish fancier, prevents total disaster.
Genre: Fishes, Editor: HarperCollins Publishers, Pages: 64 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0001713078

A fresh new cover for a classic story from the Beginner Book range.
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Twelve-year-old Fishel (Fish) Rosner doesn’t like regular “boy” things. He hates sports and would prefer to read or do crafts instead of climbing trees or riding dirt bikes with his friends. He also loves to dance. But all his interests are considered “girly.” Fish doesn’t get why that’s a bad thing. He’s just interested in different things than other boys. When he asks his Bubby to teach him to knit, she tells him to go play outside. When he begs his mom to take him to Zumba, she enrolls him in water polo instead. Why does everyone else get to decide what Fish should or shouldn't do? Orca Book Publishers is proud to offer this early ebook edition as part of our new Digital First initiative, with the release of the print edition to follow.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Editor: Orca Book Publishers, Pages: 144 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781459826618

What Happens When One of America’s Most Admired Biographers Writes His Own Biography? For Eric Metaxas, the answer is Fish Out of Water: A Search for the Meaning of Life—a poetic and sometimes hilarious memoir of his early years, in which the Queens-born son of Greek and German immigrants struggles to make sense of a world in which he never quite seems to fit. Renowned for his biographies of William Wilberforce, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Martin Luther, Metaxas is the author of five New York Times bestsellers, the witty host of the acclaimed Socrates in the City conversation series, and a nationally syndicated radio personality. But here he reveals a personal story few have heard, taking us from his mostly happy childhood—and riotous triumphs at Yale—to the nightmare of drifting toward a dark abyss of meaninglessness from which he barely escapes. Along the way he introduces us to an unforgettable troupe of picaresque characters who join this quintessentially first-generation American boy in what is both bildungsroman and odyssey—and which underscores just how funny, serious, happy, sad, and ultimately meaningful life can be.
Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Editor: Salem Books, Pages: 411 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781684511723

Available for the first time in paperback, Barna unveils the results of years of research and hundreds of interviews, and emerges with a new definition of what leadership is--and isn't.
Genre: Religion, Editor: Thomas Nelson, Pages: 240 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781418560768

From the perspective of a parent with college-age children, I thank Abby Nye for confronting us so boldly with the reality of what Christian students face in the secular world of academia. "Children need to be prepared for this experience - or they need to avoid it" -Joseph Farah, editor and C.E.O., WorldNewDaily.com So you're ready for the next chapter in your life?. Well, if you are a Christian heading to campus for the first time, there are several things you need to know about living your faith while surrounded by atheistic professors. Abby Nye has written a fantastic guide for college students who find their faith and values under assault from day one. Learn just what to expect, and how to navigate through classes while maintaining a good GPA and a positive college experience. Abby prepares new freshman (and even seasoned students!) to be able to survive and thrive in this often hostile setting. Among the topics she covers: Freshman orientation week The treatment of science and faith in the classroom Difficult professors and real life solutions The many forms of liberal ?indoctrination? Helpful campus groups and managing peer pressure This book is truly a must reading for students embarking for any college?a valuable handbook for parents, teachers, and students alike.
Genre: Education, Editor: New Leaf Publishing Group, Pages: 240 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781614580478

Elite swimmer, Dina McNamara's dreams of Olympic Gold have been derailed. Her gifted sister Mae has graduated high school at just 16 and has planned an around-the-world trip with her three best friends. Their parents agree to let Mae go, but only if 18-year-old Dina goes too. Resentful and broken, but with nothing better to do with her life, Dina boards the plane - first stop Tokyo. Two weeks in the world's most amazing mega-city completely turns Dina's life upside-down. There are new friendships, unexpected opportunities, and a surprising romance. For the first time ever, Dina begins to figure out what she wants, both in and out of the water. But Tokyo is only the first stop on an unforgettable world trip, and as their departure date draws near, Dina must decide whether she can leave Japan, and this exciting new life behind.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Editor: Redback Publishing, Pages: 256 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781925860443

Beloved Australian YA author Kate Hendrick’s new novel deftly examines Australian ideas of masculinity for a teenage audience
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Editor: Text Publishing, Pages: 288 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781922459640

Mika is about to fulfill her dream of working at the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium when her plans are derailed by an unexpected arrival-her estranged grandmother Betty. Betty has dementia, and is no longer able to take care of herself. Betty is in need of her family's help-and she's not going to be particularly nice about it. Mika has to give up her summer internship at the Aquarium and stick to working part-time at AnimalZone in order to take care of Betty. The manager at AnimalZone has hired his nephew Dylan to work there, and Mika thinks he's entitled and annoying. Or is he just trying to become a better person? Mika is trying to be as patient as possible with her grandma-but Betty doesn't make that easy. And neither does Dylan. NATALIE WHIPPLE accidentally killed three goldfish while researching this novel [which Mika would be very ashamed of] but she hasn't killed any since. She grew up in California and spent many a family vacation in Monterey, and now she lives in Utah with her husband and three children frequently wishing she were closer to a beach.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Editor: Natalie Whipple C/O Curtis Brown Limited, Pages: 330 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0991178548