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Masks are everywhere. What do kids think about that? When Lucy finds out her mom is making her a special mask she's excited. Lucy loves masks! She dives into her toy box full of costumes and opens a world of imagination and make-believe adventure, far beyond the walls of her room. Of course, she doesn't realize that the mask her mom is making is not part of a costume but one that will keep her safe and make her a real-life superhero. This book is not a science lesson about germs and protection. It's a simple fun story that helps make mask-wearing more relatable and less scary. Parents and educators have found it to be a wonderful tool to start a conversation about germs, viruses, the pandemic, and what families have to do to keep themselves and others safe. For children heading to schools that will require them to wear masks, and for parents, grandparents and teachers looking for stories that give comfort and reassurance to kids about the changes around them, Lucy's Mask is a welcome addition to reading time. Lucy's Mask was a Finalist in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
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Superheroes wear masks Come along as Elmo's gets ready to go off to school and be a mask hero Today is a very exciting day--it's Elmo is heading off to school, and he wants to be a school superhero Join Elmo as he gets ready like a hero and learns about wearing masks and hand washing. It's going to be a SUPER day With the help of Elmo and his mommy, this all new story from world-renowned education brand Sesame Workshop will help children combat school anxiety and understand new experiences like wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and social distancing. Heroes Wear Masks reminds readers that it's super to help everyone stay healthy Plus includes bonus tips for grown-ups in the back
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Finding a body in an alleyway when you are grounded is not a good idea. Especially if you are the town's usual suspect for any mischief or mayhem. Teen rebel, Lucas Krymanski, is in trouble again, and this time it's big time! Only the town's amateur sleuth librarian, Kelly Armello, believes Lucas is innocent. She even fears there's darker schemes afoot, hidden and horrible conspiracies seething below the surface. Can Kelly convince officer Troy Kennedy that the Krymanski boy is not to blame, or will the real killer slip through the net unseen and unpunished? Is there more to this unlikely death than meets the eye? Join Kelly Armello in her first small-town cozy mystery and find out.
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A picture book that helps young readers and children feel comfortable and safe wearing a mask. Learn how fun it can be to wear a mask through normal daily activities like going to school. The book's cast of characters across all ages, genders, and races help reinforce the importance to children that masks help protect friends, family, and themselves. Together we can stay safe.
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Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the world sure has changed a lot! But going back to school doesn't have to be scary. Follow a young girl on her first day back to school and watch how she navigates new procedures to prevent the spread of germs. You'll learn some helpful tips like proper handwashing, social distancing, and more!
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