In By the Bedside of the Patient, Nortin Hadler places current efforts to reform medical education--from the undergraduate level through residency programs and on to continuing medical education--in historical context. In doing so, he traces the evolution of medical school curricula, residency and fellowship programs, and the clinical practices they promoted. Hadler examines crucial junctures in history to locate the seeds for reform. Some believe that medical education and training should highlight literature, ethics, and culture, while others emphasize science and efficiency to abbreviate the time from entry to licensure. Neither of these approaches, Hadler argues, maintains or improves patient care, which should be at the core of medical education and practice. Hadler contends that most reform attempted thus far constitutes, at best, little more than a reshuffling of the basic curriculum and, at worst, an augmenting of medicine's predilection to measure, grade, and record. Examining generational changes in medical education, Hadler mines sixty years of training and practice to identify mistaken approaches and best practices. Ultimately, in the contemporary era of managed care, Hadler argues for a clinical practice that draws on the best available scientific knowledge, transmits the wisdom of experienced clinicians, reforges an empathetic relationship between physician and patient, and treats each patient as an individual--all centered on restoring the mandate to care.
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The Story: Every day in the United States an estimated 550 people die from preventable medical errors, which is approximately 200,000 people a year, making it the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. (Healthgrades 2004) On April 14, my mom, Louise Batz, went to have knee replacement surgery. That night, a medical error caused Mom to sustain an injury from which she could not recover. She lost her life eleven days later. The Mission: The mission of the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation is to help prevent medical errors by ensuring that patients and families have the knowledge they need to promote a safe hospital experience for their loved ones and to support innovative advancements in patient safety. Our greatest hope is that families, patients, and caregivers will work together as a TEAM to improve safety in our hospitals. The Use of the Guide: Our hope is that you and your family can use this guide in order to improve the quality of your loved one's hospital stay. We hope that by using the guide, you will be better equipped to aid the care team in the reduction of adverse events. Organize your questions and concerns as soon as you learn about an upcoming surgery or procedure. This packet will be useful during pre-surgery appointments, during your time in the hospital, at home post-surgery and for follow up visits and appointments. We encourage you to include personal questions based on feelings or concerns and utilize the questions provided in the Batz Guide for Bedside Advocacy. What's in the Guide: In this guide you will find all sorts of tools that will help you in all aspects of your hospital stay. You will find places to store personal information such as medication logs, the names of your medical team, and surgery summaries; you will find information on who to contact in case of emergency, charts of who is in charge, and who to call to get things done; and you will find advice, definitions, must ask questions, and places to keep and store all of those little details that can and will help keep you or your loved one more safe.
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Bedside Manner: How to Gain Your Patients' Respect, Love & Loyalty is the definitive textbook on bedside manner. This book teaches all healthcare providers how to manage the needs, wants and fears of their patients. Bedside Manner explores a multitude of techniques to make better doctors, all based on Dr. Fleisher's six pillars of great bedside manner: compassion, communication, confidence, character, class and comedy/charisma. Every healthcare provider and every patient benefits from a great bedside manner. Through lessons, scripts, the shared experiences of Dr. Fleisher and other specialists and their staff members, and an extra dollop of humor, Bedside Manner guides health-care practitioners of any age through simple steps to improve their attitude, their patient care, their practice, and even the quality of their own lives while also protecting against lawsuits. Seems like a big promise? Bedside Manner is a big idea that has been executed brilliantly. Bedside Manner is not just about charisma. By developing and instituting practice management systems, Dr. Fleisher teaches how office design, employee and doctor scripts, interpersonal techniques, and the six pillars of bedside manner combine to build a practice and to make sure your patients remain loyal, are kept happy, and love you. Bedside Manner is not just for new practitioners. Any competent practitioner with a sincere desire to provide better care, build his or her practice and avoid lawsuits can do so if they follow the program set out in, Bedside Manner: How to Gain Your Patients' Respect, Love & Loyalty. Bedside Manner is not just for doctors. Everyone in the allied healthcare professions who comes in contact with patients needs to have the knowledge and skills described in the pages of this book. Physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, assistants, physical therapists, nutritionists, are just a few of the practitioners who need to read Bedside Manner. It is page after page of transformative magic.
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Why is it that some businesses seem to get it when it comes to customer experience, while others miss it completely? The same could be said of medical practices. Doctors are constantly looking for new ways to improve their practices. The problem is they're often looking in the wrong places. Beyond Bedside Manner guides the practice to redefine the doctor-patient relationship in ways that create much more value for the doctor, the patient, and the practice. With insights gained across 3 decades of working with practices across many specialties, author Shareef Mahdavi shows the way to build the modern practice based on creating a memorable patient experience on par with our best customer experiences.
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David Rothman gives us a brilliant, finely etched study of medical practice today. Beginning in the mid-1960s, the practice of medicine in the United States underwent a most remarkable--and thoroughly controversial--transformation. The discretion that the profession once enjoyed has been increasingly circumscribed, and now an almost bewildering number of parties and procedures participate in medical decision making. Well into the post-World War II period, decisions at the bedside were the almost exclusive concern of the individual physician, even when they raised fundamental ethical and social issues. It was mainly doctors who wrote and read about the morality of withholding a course of antibiotics and letting pneumonia serve as the old man's best friend, of considering a newborn with grave birth defects a "stillbirth" thus sparing the parents the agony of choice and the burden of care, of experimenting on the institutionalized the retarded to learn more about hepatitis, or of giving one patient and not another access to the iron lung when the machine was in short supply. Moreover, it was usually the individual physician who decided these matters without formal discussions with patients, their families, or even with colleagues, and certainly without drawing the attention of journalists, judges, or professional philosophers. The impact of the invasion of outsiders into medical decision-making, most generally framed, was to make the invisible visible. Outsiders to medicine--that is, lawyers, judges, legislators, and academics--have penetrated its every nook and cranny, in the process giving medicine exceptional prominence on the public agenda and making it the subject of popular discourse. The glare of the spotlight transformed medical decision making, shaping not merely the external conditions under which medicine would be practiced (something that the state, through the regulation of licensure, had always done), but the very substance of medical pract
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The art of good communication is an essential skill that every healthcare professional must master in this increasingly demanding and challenging healthcare climate.From medical, nursing and allied health students to experienced doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, the authors of The Bedside Communication Handbook — with more than 20 years of teaching 'Clinical Communication' — present common and challenging communication scenarios and share important principles and useful phrases which can be used to help busy healthcare professionals communicate better with patients and their relatives.This is probably the only such book set in an Asian context. It will contain practical tips and model statements that would help to guide the readers in improving their communication skills and preventing a communication faux pas.
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Have you ever wondered what life is like on the other side of the stethoscope? Combining the grace and precision of a poet with a down-to-earth, compassionate manner, physician and NPR commentator David Watts reveals what it’s really like to be a doctor today. From difficult diagnoses, irreverent colleagues, brave survivors, and examining room embarrassments, Watts uncovers the world of contemporary medicine and shares the emotional truths and practical realities at the heart of every doctor-patient relationship. Watts’s warmhearted and understanding attitude toward his patients—and their foibles—is evident on every page of this surprising, poignant, and intimate look inside the life of a doctor who could very easily be your own.
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This unique book draws upon a collection of essays and personal reflections by Dr Peter Tate, covering at least half a century of his experience of trying to understand, define and improve communication between doctors and patients. Adopting a light, conversational and often humorous tone, the book covers a broad range of situations encountered during the lead author’s career as a general practitioner, his seminal research into understanding doctor-patient communication, and his subsequent role in both teaching and developing the internationally-recognised Royal College of General Practice’s membership video examination. This book demonstrates that clinical experiences, both professional and personal, are fundamental to our perception of what is important and what matters most in medicine. Key features: Unique and personal account of the development of this vital but often overlooked aspect of medicine Engaging and light-hearted, yet academically rigorous Draws on experiences gathered during clinical practice, research and teaching From the authors of the popular The Doctor’s Communication Handbook, now in its eighth edition In reading Bedside Matters doctors, and particularly general practitioners, will not only learn from the author’s experiences, but will be encouraged to reflect on their own clinical and personal experiences, and to use these to better understand and improve their own communication techniques. The author: Peter Tate is a retired General Practitioner, UK With editorial contributions from: Francesca Frame, a General Practitioner based in Cambridgeshire, UK
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The guided path to more focused and compassionate caregiving!
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The Future of Nursing explores how nurses' roles, responsibilities, and education should change significantly to meet the increased demand for care that will be created by health care reform and to advance improvements in America's increasingly complex health system. At more than 3 million in number, nurses make up the single largest segment of the health care work force. They also spend the greatest amount of time in delivering patient care as a profession. Nurses therefore have valuable insights and unique abilities to contribute as partners with other health care professionals in improving the quality and safety of care as envisioned in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enacted this year. Nurses should be fully engaged with other health professionals and assume leadership roles in redesigning care in the United States. To ensure its members are well-prepared, the profession should institute residency training for nurses, increase the percentage of nurses who attain a bachelor's degree to 80 percent by 2020, and double the number who pursue doctorates. Furthermore, regulatory and institutional obstacles -- including limits on nurses' scope of practice -- should be removed so that the health system can reap the full benefit of nurses' training, skills, and knowledge in patient care. In this book, the Institute of Medicine makes recommendations for an action-oriented blueprint for the future of nursing.
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