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From her childhood in Whitby to her long old age in Cambridge, the life of Margaret Storm Jameson (1891-1986), novelist, autobiographer, and political activist, spanned almost the whole of the twentieth century. A self-styled Little Englander by nature, and European by nurture, equally at home, or out of place, in the North Yorkshire moors and seascape of her birth, metropolitan London, rural France, and the capitals of Central Europe, she wrote of country, cities and the exile from both with equal knowledge and sympathy. Out of the changing landscapes of her present, she fashioned her vision of the future. The title of her autobiography, Journey from the North, is a simultaneous evocation and erasure of nostalgia for lost commonality, and in her long life as writer and activist, President of wartime PEN (the association of Poets, Essayist, Novelists) committed to the values of freedom and social justice, she fought to reconcile the conflicting forms of emergent modernity. Her own journey is the generic experience of twentieth-century Britain, and the England she urges on her contemporaries is one that shares the life and mind of Europe. The present book traces the history of that shared experience. It recovers, through her writing, the aspirations and the disappointments of the generation of socialists that was Class 1914. The soldiers returning from the front in 1918, to unemployment and the General Strike of 1926, fight in 1940 alongside Frenchmen, and against Germans, who are victims of the same system: class conflict, nationalist rivalries, imperialist ambition, all for Jameson have the same defining economic horizon. At the end of the odyssey the stark alternatives take shape: Washington or Moscow, the madness of American capitalism, or the oppression of Stalinist Communism. Alongside the narrative of Jameson's life, and the experiences as daughter, wife, and mother that shaped her personality and her career, the book explores her concern with issues of culture and society, cultural memory, and cultural landscapes, her fascination with aesthetic form and the relation of writing to politics, her insight into the materiality of words, and her persistent probing of the nature of the writing subject. It draws on unpublished archive material and brings new research on neglected areas of cultural history into conjunction with literary-critical analyses of Jameson's novels and studies of her journalism and essays. There is an extensive Bibliography of her work.
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We had the pleasure and the great opportunity to organize a symposium on "Molecular Biology of Brain and Endocrine Peptidergic Systems" under the auspices of the Canadian Biochemical society and the International Foundation for Biochemical Endocrinology. We were indeed very happy to ass~ble a series of first rate speakers who delivered excellent papers on a variety of subjects from the synthesis of complicated peptide analogs, to the creation of trangenic mice, site-directed mutagenesis, enzyme characterization and DNA binding sites. One hundred and seventy-five participants attended the 40 conferences while having the opportunity to look at 24 posters presented by senior scientists as well as students. We, of the organizing committee, feel extremely pleased to have received an overwhelming response from such a group of scholars. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Diane Marcil who arranged most aspects of the meeting with efficiency. We also thank the different organizations and companies for their generous grants which made the reunion possible. We hope that the participants have gained scientifically while having a pleasant sojourn in beautiful Montreal. The organizing committee was made up of a group of dedicated people, particularly its secretary, Dr. Philippe Crine. To all speakers and sessions chairpersons, we are indebted for the excellence of their participation.
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Reports of all decisions rendered in insurance cases in the federal courts, and in the state courts of last resort.
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Natalie Thompson wakes up in a basement without any memory of how she got there. With her memories a blur, she feels alone in a seemingly abandoned and very strange town. Within this town, creatures who can get a glimpse of human life through a portal are no longer content with their undead status. With the works of a government conspiracy and a few megalomaniac scientists, the portals are expanding. Now these creatures are threatening our civilization, and our world is on the brink of destruction. Can Natalie control the artificial intelligence chip and regain her memory in time before all of humanity is lost?
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A Free World Novel THE CITY OF SHARON Real or Imagined¬Ě: The story is based on actual happenings. The totalitarian situation is common knowledge. Some of the dialog is based on rumor and hearsay and sketchy news reports. The characters are aware of limited mythical influence caused by extreme duress. A prime character, Frederick von Popenov spent the first ten years of his life living with his family on a small farm in the country. Life suddenly changed when the nations political party in control nationalizes industry and sets up the police state and the network city. Nobody was allowed to own property or valuables. Many lower class people were sent to work in the common factories and on the common farms. The class workers and peasants sent to live and work at the City of Sharon found life difficult. Caught in the chaos and desperation of the common movement they miraculously escape the gulag or prison. A series of events involve a people from another side whose presence and assistance culminates in the prisoners escape into the hills around the devastated city. Unknown to the public, due to the type of people sent to live there, the City of Sharon had been set up as a designated bombing target by the World Board of Directors. While the prisoners make their escape, the city is obliterated by a nuclear bomb. Those who remained there were killed. Those who lived in other network cities became suspicious of their invisible government due to the total devastation of the city. All the people begin to look for a way out of party domination. Timorous, desperate and frightened, the fugitives begin a free world civilization in the wilderness about the the city of Sharon. The survivors elude the authorities in control of the totalitarian state and build a military defense system and prepare to defend their new found freedom or nation.
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