From a vineyard in the south of France to the sophisticated city of Paris, Ella Moreau searches for the hope and love she lost as a young girl when her mother abandoned the family. Ella's journey is portrayed through a heartbroken child, a young woman's struggles during the tumultuous times surrounding World War II, and as a reflective adult. Through a series of secret paintings, her art becomes the substitute for lost love-the metaphor of her life. But when her paintings are discovered, the intentions of those she loves are revealed.
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Although no one had ever followed North American monarch butterflies on their annual southward journey to Mexico and California, in the 1990s there were well-accepted assumptions about the nature and form of the migration. But to Robert Michael Pyle, a naturalist with long experience in monarch conservation, the received wisdom about the butterflies’ long journey just didn’t make sense. In the autumn of 1996 he set out to uncover the facts, to pursue the tide of “cinnamon sailors” on their long, mysterious flight. Chasing Monarchs chronicles Pyle’s 9,000-mile journey to discover firsthand the secrets of the monarchs’ annual migration. Part road trip, part outdoor adventure, and part natural history study, Pyle’s book overturns old theories and provides insights both large and small regarding monarch butterflies, their biology, and their spectacular migratory travels. Since the book’s first publication, its controversial conclusions have been fully confirmed, and monarchs are better understood than ever before. The Afterword for this volume includes not only updated information on the myriad threats to monarch butterflies, but also various efforts under way to ensure the future of the world’s most amazing butterfly migration.
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"Victoria, will you marry me?" Those words changed my life forever...just not in the way it would for most. I had it all until one fateful evening transformed my life in ways I never imagined. Nine months later, I move to a sleepy little town, hoping to escape the demons of my past. As I attempt to claim back my life, Jude Montgomery enters my world, and things begin to change. I thought running would appease the nightmares, but I soon discover my past won't let go. Things are not what they seem, and I begin to question the world as I know it. Jude may hold the answers, but will my love for him blind me to the truth? Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? In my case, yes, it does. Will the truth set me free? Or will it imprison us both? My name is Victoria Armstrong, and this is my story...I think.
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(Faber Piano Adventures ). The 2nd Edition Level 4 Lesson Book follows Piano Adventures Level 3B. The book is arranged by related major and minor keys, grounding the repertoire. The emphasis on root position V7 chords, arpeggios, and "Power Scales" links applied theory to the pieces being studied. Expressive repertoire selections build a strong foundation in harmony and technique.
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Integrating current findings in linguistics, semiotics, and anthropology, Stokoe fashions a closely reasoned argument that suggests how our human ancestors' powers of observation and natural hand movements could have evolved into signed morphemes.".
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Improve content-area reading with a variety of strategies and a wealth of information to help readers in Grades Pre-K-K improve their comprehension of nonfiction text. This book includes essential reading skills and strategies grouped into 8 categories including: Monitor Comprehension, Activate and Connect, Infer Meaning, Ask Questions, Determine Importance, Visualize, Summarize and Synthesize, and Developing Vocabulary. All of the skills and strategies are covered by providing practical teaching guidelines as well as motivating learner activities. The included ZIP file features graphic organizers and activities pages that can be reproduced and modified. 272pp.
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To be successful, students must be able to comprehend the nonfiction material they encounter in textbooks, reference materials, and testing situations. The ability to interpret nonfiction information depends on the development of several key skills and strategies: Main Idea/Supporting Details Using Text Organizers Summarizing/Paraphrasing Using Parts of the Book Developing Vocabulary Making Inferences Prior Knowledge/Making Connections Setting the Purpose Author's Point of View Questioning Structural Patterns Visualizing This systematic approach to reading instruction, coupled with repeated exposure to a wide variety of nonfiction reading materials, provides a structure in which students can achieve significant growth. Each book has a CD with graphic organizers (for use with Inspiration®) and activity templates (for use with Microsoft Word®).
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