An engaging text/CD-ROM package with many features designed to spark student interest. Coverage progresses from measuring and explaining crime through policing, prisons, and the juvenile justice system. Boxed readings deal with criminal justice in action, criminal justice and technology, and popular culture, and offer first-person accounts of crimi
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In recent years law, crime and justice have become increasingly politicised in Hong Kong. Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong, 2nd Edition offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of and introduction to the criminal justice system in Hong Kong, building upon recent events and controversies. This book provides a much-needed overview of the criminal justice system in Hong Kong, including new chapters on criminological research methods, defining crime, fear of crime, the criminal court system, police power and discretion, and plea bargaining. This revised and expanded second edition: Outlines the basic concepts of criminal law in Hong Kong, Analyses the process of the criminal justice system, ranging from the reporting of a crime through to the correctional system, Examines how criminal justice personnel work in practice, and how they deal with the offenders and victims during the criminal justice process, Invites readers to consider arguments and debates that surround the controversial issues in the Hong Kong criminal justice system. This book is a comprehensive resource for students studying this subject as part of a wider course in criminal justice, police studies, law or social work, and for practitioners working in Hong Kong in the police, prisons, probation, voluntary agencies and other criminal justice personnel. Text features include review questions, lists of cases cited, and useful websites.
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This book shows how to reduce out-of-control criminal justice and create greater public safety, justice, and accountability at less cost.
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Originally published: Oxford: Clarendon, 1997.
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To understand how people experience justice and security is a challenging task in times of unrest, marked by growing perceptions of insecurity, discrimination and uncertainty. The European project ALTERNATIVE aimed to understand justice and security experiences related to conflicts in intercultural settings, when citizens are given the means to actively contribute to these processes. This book relates how the project was set up as an action research through the concrete description of four action sites: social housing estates in Vienna, Austria; a small community in Hungary with a Roma population; three border towns in Serbia; and three communities in Northern Ireland. These four sites have been compared through an innovative methodology, which leads to a deeper understanding of the impact of participatory and restorative justice oriented processes, and - in a more general way - of what action research may entail in the criminological field. Bringing together researchers and case studies from around Europe, this book examines the scientific potential of action research as a methodology in criminal justice settings. This book is one of two volumes resulting from the work by a group of researchers in six European countries having cooperated intensively during four years in ALTERNATIVE, an action research project funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme.
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"...Papers presented at the Cambridge Centre for Public Law's winter conference on 9-10 January 1999."--P. [vii].
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This book provides a much-needed overview of the criminal justice system in Hong Kong. It outlines the basic concepts of criminal law in Hong Kong, and analyses the process of the criminal justice system, ranging from the report of a crime through to the correctional system. It is an invaluable source of information about how criminal justice operates in Hong Kong for both students and practitioners.
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Analysing the nature of complicity in international criminal law, this book provides an account of the growing attention being paid to the issue. Exploring the responsibilities of individuals, states, and non-state actors in their obligations, the changing status of complicity in international law is demonstrated.
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The first comprehensive guide to English-language criminal justice materials on Israel for interdisciplinary use.
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