Alaska—the final frontier? When Clara Avery, an entertainer working on the Fate, an Alaskan cruise ship, goes to nearby Bear Island, she comes across a scene of bloody mayhem. She also comes across Thor Erikson, who will soon be a member of the FBI's elite paranormal unit, the Krewe of Hunters. Thor's been sent from the Alaska field office to investigate several grotesque killings, with the dead posed to resemble the victims of notorious murderers. The prime suspect is a serial killer Thor once put behind bars. The man escaped from a prison in the Midwest, and all the evidence says he was headed to Alaska… Thor and Clara share an unusual skill: the ability to communicate with the dead. Their growing love—and their contact with the ghosts of the victims—brings them together to solve the case…and prevent a deadly fate of their own!
Genre: Fiction, Editor: MIRA, Pages: 400 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781460395646

The Federal Medical Investigators, a division of CDC, continue their search for answers of unsolved medical deaths in the United States. The FMI agents are invited to Virginia Beach upon the request of Future Innovations Today for DNA evaluations for the purpose of discovering the gene responsible for their ESP abilities. They are also put through a battery of various brain scans. Pending F.I.T.'s test results, Agent Simon Woods, Agent Janet Bennett and the FMI agents are sent to Pine Bluff, Arkansas to unravel the unexplained deaths of five people over the past several days. The victims became deaf, then mute, then blind before taking their last breath. The FMI agents may face the Grim Reaper due to the evil intentions of The Circle toward the agents.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Rogue Phoenix Press, Pages: 144 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781624206184

Stony Man Unflinching duty and patriotism stand at the core of the covert operations group known as Stony Man. Answering only to the Oval Office, and with a mandate to strike before the world suffers, the clandestine field and cyber operatives work without a warrant and outside the law, enabling them to strike down those who obey no law. Lethal Solution A powerful U.S.-based consortium has begun a full-scale assault to take over the world. Attacking on multiple fronts, this secret cadre has enough high-tech weaponry to push nations to an apocalyptic standoff—and now China, Russia and the Middle East are poised to unleash swift, savage and bloody nuclear retaliations. Stony Man teams are spread thin, racing to stop the unthinkable as the world is pushed over the edge of reason, and an unseen, perhaps unstoppable, enemy brings the planet seconds closer to flash point.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Gold Eagle, Pages: 344 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781426812866

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SHE KNOWS WHERE TO FIND THE BODY When Raina Hamish tries on a dress in a Miami boutique, she has a terrifyingly accurate vision of a murdered corpse in the murky shadows of the Everglades. She wants to help, but who would believe her when she can hardly believe herself? Special Agent Axel Tiger has returned to Florida to help hunt a serial killer, but the investigation doesn’t have much to go on. Raina’s vision is their best chance to uncover more. Axel’s experience with the FBI’s elite paranormal team will nurture Raina’s abilities, and she may be able to help save a life—but it puts her directly in the crosshairs of a killer who is closer than they would ever suspect.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: MIRA, Pages: 400 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781488056154

Deadly Seizures is the second book in the series called Death Agents. The mission of the Federal Medical Investigators (FMI) agents is to investigate unsolved medical related deaths in the United States. Each of the agents have their own unique supernatural, ESP powers and together they search for the cause of these unsolved deaths. The agents' newest case is in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where six cave explorers die mysteriously inside a cave. Chief agent, Simon Woods, M.D., Agent Janet Bennett, newly acquired former Marion County Sheriff Detective and the rest of the FMI agents search for the cause of the cavers' deaths before other people die... including them. Hidden amorous feelings between Simon and Janet intertwines with potential death-defying events leading to an unexpected climatic ending.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Rogue Phoenix Press, Pages: 142 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781624205279

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