Including numerous views, cross-sections, and other diagrams, this entertaining instruction guide includes careful, scientifically accurate line renderings of the body's organs and major systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, reproductive, and more. Each remarkably clear and detailed illustration is accompanied by concise, informative text and suggestions for coloring. 43 plates.
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Editor: Courier Corporation, Pages: 50 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780486241388

"There's alot to know about the human body, and The Human Body Activity Book for Kids makes it fun and easy to learn it all"-- back cover.
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Editor: Rockridge Press, Pages: 68 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1641522631

Genre: Human anatomy, Editor: Barnes & Noble Publishing, Pages: 240 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780760719213

Genre: Human anatomy, Editor: , Pages: in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: OCLC:1001295612

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The seventh edition of this classic work makes mastering large amounts of information on the nervous system and sensory organs much easier. It provides readers with an excellent review of the human body and its structure, and it is an ideal study companion as well as a thorough basic reference text. The many user-friendly features of this atlas include: New and enhanced clinical tips Hundreds of outstanding full-color illustrations with updated labels Side-by-side images with explanatory text Helpful color-coding and consistent formatting throughout Emphasizing clinical anatomy, this atlas integrates current information from a wide range of medical disciplines into discussions of the nervous system and sensory organs, including: In-depth coverage of key topics such as molecular signaling, the interplay between ion channels and transmitters, imaging techniques (e.g., PET, CT, and NMR), and much more A section on topical neurologic evaluation Volume 3: Nervous System and Sensory Organs and its companions Volume 1: Locomotor System and Volume 2: Internal Organs comprise a must-have resource for students of medicine, dentistry, and all allied health fields.
Genre: Medical, Editor: Thieme, Pages: 649 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9783132019577

In this volume, our heroes Geo and Dr. Brain face hostile white blood cells, Phoebe’s powerful heartbeat, and a bruise that threatens to suck them out of the bloodstream and leave them stranded forever! As you follow their fast-paced comic adventure through Phoebe’s blood, heart, and lungs, you’ll learn all about the human circulatory system. Have you ever wondered... –How your heartbeat keeps a steady pace? –Why your blood forms a scab after you get a cut or scrape? –How your body defends itself against bacteria and other intruders? –How children inherit their blood types from their parents? –How your muscles and brain get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive? –How the body filters out toxins in food before they reach your bloodstream? For ages 8+ Translated by Army Chung
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Editor: No Starch Press, Pages: 180 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1593274726

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Here's the most entertaining way for children to get a good look at the human body and learn how bodies work: 28 fun and instructive, ready-to-color illustrations. Coordinating text explores the muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive, respiratory, and immune systems, and answers such questions as What is a hiccup? and Where is my DNA?
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Editor: Courier Corporation, Pages: 34 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780486468211

Clinically focused, consistently and clearly illustrated, and logically organized, Gray's Atlas of Anatomy, the companion resource to the popular Gray's Anatomy for Students, presents a vivid, visual depiction of anatomical structures. Stunning illustrations demonstrate the correlation of structures with clinical images and surface anatomy - essential for proper identification in the dissection lab and successful preparation for course exams. Build on your existing anatomy knowledge with structures presented from a superficial to deep orientation, representing a logical progression through the body. Identify the various anatomical structures of the body and better understand their relationships to each other with the visual guidance of nearly 1,000 exquisitely illustrated anatomical figures. Visualize the clinical correlation between anatomical structures and surface landmarks with surface anatomy photographs overlaid with anatomical drawings. Recognize anatomical structures as they present in practice through more than 270 clinical images - including laparoscopic, radiologic, surgical, ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic, and other clinical views - placed adjacent to anatomic artwork for side-by-side comparison. Gain a more complete understanding of the inguinal region in women through a brand-new, large-format illustration, as well as new imaging figures that reflect anatomy as viewed in the modern clinical setting. Evolve Instructor site with an image and video collection is available to instructors through their Elsevier sales rep or via request at
Genre: Medical, Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences, Pages: 648 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780323636414