This research-based, comprehensive introduction to multicultural education and diversity prepares future teachers for the wide diversity of students they will meet in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Moving beyond the purely cultural approach of many comparable texts, Human Diversity in Education addresses the full range of human diversity found in today’s schools--including nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, class, language, sexual orientation, and ability levels. Based on the assumption that change begins with the individual teacher, the text argues that prospective teachers must learn to incorporate issues of diversity in all of their work--including in their interactions with children, parents, colleagues, and the community.
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This eighth edition of Human Diversity in Education: An Intercultural Approach continues to focus on the preparation of teachers and other human-service providers who not only can teach and interact more effectively with the wide diversity of students they are certain to encounter, but are also able to transmit this knowledge and skill to the individuals in their charge. The book continues to provide a broad treatment of the various forms of diversity common in today's schools, including nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, social class, language acquisition and use, sexual orientation, health concerns, and disability. We also maintain its research-based approach, with an increased cross-cultural and intercultural emphasis. We continue to stress that it is both at the level of the individual teacher as well as the organizational structure of the school where significant change must occur with regard to how diversity is understood and accommodated.
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This reference book is intended to help teachers, teacher administrators, policy makers and others deal with the important issue of religious diversity in Europe's schools. The religious dimension of intercultural education is an issue that affects all schools, whether they are religiously diverse or not, because their pupils live and will work in increasingly diverse societies. The book is the main outcome of the project 1The Challenge of intercultural education today: religious diversity and dialogue in Europe', developed by the Council of Europe between 2002 and 2005. It is in four parts: theoretical and conceptual basis for religious diversity and intercultural education; educational conditions and methodological approaches; religious diversity in schools in different settings; examples of current practice in some member states of the Council of Europe.
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Diversity - social, cultural, linguistic and ethnic - poses a challenge to all educational systems. Some authorities, schools and teachers look upon it as a problem, an obstacle to the achievement of national educational goals, while for others it offers new opportunities. Successive PISA reports have laid bare the relative lack of success in addressing the needs of diverse school populations and helping children develop the competences they need to succeed in society. The book is divided into three parts that deal in turn with policy and its implications, pedagogical practice, and responses to the challenge of diversity that go beyond the language of schooling. This volume features the latest research from eight different countries, and will appeal to anyone involved in the educational integration of immigrant children and adolescents.
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This text provides the philosophical foundation for multicultural teaching while offering practical workbook activities, exercises, games, and checklists for classroom application. Multicultural Education and Human Relations asks pre-service teachers to diagnose their present knowledge and skills, reflect on experiences, actively participate in exercises, discuss relevant theory and research, and integrate this information into their behavioral repertoires, they can then enter classroom situations from a background of first-hand awareness and experience. From this self-analysis, teachers become better prepared to work in a culturally diverse classroom and help their classes function cooperatively and effectively while promoting respect for diversity and the cultural values of others.
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Diversity has been a focus of higher education policy, law, and scholarship for decades, continually expanding to include not only race, ethnicity and gender, but also socioeconomic status, sexual and political orientation, and more. However, existing collections still tend to focus on a narrow definition of diversity in education, or in relation to singular topics like access to higher education, financial aid, and affirmative action. By contrast, Diversity in American Higher Education captures in one volume the wide range of critical issues that comprise the current discourse on diversity on the college campus in its broadest sense. This edited collection explores: legal perspectives on diversity and affirmative action higher education's relationship to the deeper roots of K-12 equity and access policy, politics, and practice's effects on students, faculty, and staff. Bringing together the leading experts on diversity in higher education scholarship, Diversity in American Higher Education redefines the agenda for diversity as we know it today.
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In this powerful, multidisciplinary book, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas shows how most indigenous and minority education contributes to linguistic genocide according to United Nations definitions. Theory is combined with a wealth of factual encyclopedic information and with many examples and vignettes. The examples come from all parts of the world and try to avoid Eurocentrism. Oriented toward theory and practice, facts and evaluations, and reflection and action, the book prompts readers to find information about the world and their local contexts, to reflect and to act. A Web site with additional resource materials to this book can be found at
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Presents research and statistics, case studies and best practices, policies and programs at pre- and post-secondary levels. Prebub price $535.00 valid to 21.07.12, then $595.00.
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This book concerns the challenges and tensions rising from mass migration flows, unbalanced north-south and east-west relations and the increasing multicultural nature of society. The scope of the book’s theme is global, addressing diversity and identity, intercultural encounters and conflict, and the interrogations of a new socio-political order or paradigm. Thus, it highlights some of the most poignant and challenging outcomes of cultural diversity faced more or less palpably by everyone everywhere in today’s societies. The book’s theme of multi- and pluriculturality is of particular current interest in the academic, socio-political, economic and entrepreneurial spheres. It covers Western and non-Western perspectives, representing a valuable resource in terms of international dialogue and experimentation. The chapters are complimentary, completing a rigorous theoretical framework offering detailed presentation and analysis of the phenomenon of diversity as encountered in society and the educational setting and at large viewed in a multidisciplinary multiperspective fashion. Among the theories and concepts represented are those intrinsic to sociology, psychology, political science, economics, history, literature, pedagogy, communication and linguistics.
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