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This test broke ground with its thorough coverage of molecular physiology seamlessly integrated into a traditional homeostasis-based systems approach. This edition introduces a major reorganisation of the early chapters to provide the best foundation for the course and new art features that streamline review and essential topics so that students can access them more easily on an as-needed basis.
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Human Physiology in Extreme Environments is the one publication that offers how human biology and physiology is affected by extreme environments while highlighting technological innovations that allow us to adapt and regulate environments. Covering a broad range of extreme environments, including high altitude, underwater, tropical climates, and desert and arctic climates as well as space travel, this book will include case studies for practical application. Graduate students, medical students and researchers will find Human Physiology in Extreme Environments an interesting, informative and useful resource for human physiology, environmental physiology and medical studies. Presents human physiological challenges in Extreme Environments combined in one single resource Provides an excellent source of information regarding paleontological and anthropological aspects Offers practical medical and scientific use of current concepts
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Quantitative Human Physiology: An Introduction is the first text to meet the needs of the undergraduate bioengineering student who is being exposed to physiology for the first time, but requires a more analytical/quantitative approach. This book explores how component behavior produces system behavior in physiological systems. Through text explanation, figures, and equations, it provides the engineering student with a basic understanding of physiological principles with an emphasis on quantitative aspects. Features a quantitative approach that includes physical and chemical principles Provides a more integrated approach from first principles, integrating anatomy, molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology Includes clinical applications relevant to the biomedical engineering student (TENS, cochlear implants, blood substitutes, etc.) Integrates labs and problem sets to provide opportunities for practice and assessment throughout the course NEW FOR THE SECOND EDITION Expansion of many sections to include relevant information Addition of many new figures and re-drawing of other figures to update our understanding and clarify difficult areas Substantial updating of the text to reflect newer research results Addition of several new appendices including statistics, nomenclature of transport carriers, and structural biology of important items such as the neuromuscular junction and calcium release unit Addition of new problems within the problem sets Addition of commentary to power point presentations
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The new edition has been significantly revised to include an expanded problem section at the end of each chapter with more quantitative examples and some clinical problems where appropriate. The clinical physiology chapter is now broken into several short chapters.
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"Discovery of the unlimited reservoir of energy and intelligence within the physiology of everyone and scientifically validated programmes to harness this energy and intelligence for all possibilities in daily life"--Back cover.
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