Ideal for students in clinical methods courses or professionals seeking a reliable reference handbook, this bestselling text will prepare pre? and in?service practitioners to provide the best possible services for people with communication disorders. Cove
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With a new co-editor and several new contributors, this bestselling core textbook on communication disorders is better than ever in its fourth edition, thoroughly revised and based on updated ASHA standards.
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Clinical Neuroscience for Communication Disorders: Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology offers a comprehensive and easy-to-understand introduction to neuroscience for undergraduates and beginning graduate students in the field of communication disorders. Packed with features to aid student understanding, this textbook introduces the neurologic underpinnings of systems involved in communication (speech, language, cognition, and hearing) and swallowing, from the nervous system to the anatomy of the head and neck. A highly readable writing style makes abstract and complex material accessible to students and provides just the right amount of information to challenge yet not overwhelm students. What sets this book apart is the extensive infusion of clinical application. Each chapter begins by tying the content to the everyday clinical applications for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and related professionals and includes clinical cases to illustrate neural functions. In addition to coverage of the main systems, this text contains chapters devoted to neuroplasticity, communication, and cognition to move beyond basic anatomy to the key principles of contemporary neuroscience and application of the concepts discussed. Additionally, explicit connections are drawn between cranial nerves, the oral mechanism examination, and clinicall swallowing assessment. The clinical cases cover a variety of both pediatric and adult scenarios designed to highlight the interconnectedness of neural systems and the complexity of neurologically-based communication disorders. The cases span the breadth of clinical practice—developmental and acquired disorders, pediatric and adult cases, and disorders of speech, language, cognition, and hearing—and are cross-referenced with each of the other chapters for improved understanding. Key Features: * More than 150 customized illustrations solidify connections between anatomy and physiology * Clinical cases throughout the text and expanded versions of the cases in a stand-alone chapter illustrate clinical relevance of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology * Bolded keywords highlight foundational concepts and terminology * Boxes throughout the text offer an opportunity for applying learning through applications, exercises, glossaries of key terms, and clinical cases * End-of-chapter summaries provide an overview of the key concepts within the chapter in plain language * A bulleted list of key concepts concludes each chapter to reinforce learning outcomes * References and further reading augment student learning
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The bestselling core textbook on communication disorders is better than ever with this new third edition, thoroughly revised and based on updated ASHA standards. Covering a broad range of disorders and developmental levels, this text gives future professionals up-to-date guidance on evidence-based practice from more than 20 academics and working clinicians. Preservice SLPs and audiologists will get a comprehensive guide to contemporary clinical practice--one theyâe(tm)ll use for the rest of their careers to provide the best possible services for people with communication disorders. An essential text for all students in clinical methods courses and a reliable reference for practicing professionals! Access the NEW ONLINE COMPANION MATERIALS now! ALL THE LATEST ON implementing evidence-based practice to improve client outcomes aligning everyday practice with the ASHA Code of Ethics collecting communication samples conducting effective assessment and implementing interventions understanding public policies that affect clinical practice ensuring sensitive and efficient clinical communications, including counseling clients, documenting findings, and recording treatment outcomes delivering services skillfully across settings, including homes, hospitals, and schools working with families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds providing successful family-centered services making sound decisions about assistive technology WHATâe(tm)S NEW: New chapters on assessment, the role of research in clinical practice, communication sampling procedures, and cultural diversity Updated ASHA standards Coverage of new legislation and regulations New bases of evidence for the intervention chapter Updated clinical communication chapter with more coverage of electronic records and HIPAA compliance Expanded service delivery chapter that discusses the emerging roles of SLPs and AUDs.
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Accompanying computer disk contains videos demonstrating the types of communication disorders and articulations reviewed in the text, and photos and animations showing important equipment and anatomical structures.
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Full-color textbook introducing concepts in communication sciences and disorders. Written in accessible, engaging and caring language, it is rooted in the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's "Big Nine" knowledge and skill areas. Units provide cohesive "big picture" introductions and conclusions, while individual chapters focus on key information in smaller, more detailed packages. Going beyond expectations for an introductory text, it explores the emotional and social effects of disorders to help readers truly understand the profession.
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Clinical Observation: A Guide for Students in Speech, Language, and Hearing provides structure and focus for students completing pre-clinical or early clinical observation as required by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Whether used in a course on observation and clinical processes, or as a self-guide to the observation process, this practical hands-on workbook will give a clear direction for guided observations and provide students with an understanding of what they are observing, why it is relevant, and how these skills serve as a building-block to their future role as clinicians. With clear and concise language, this reader friendly guide includes a quick review of background knowledge for each aspect of the clinical process, exercises and activities to check understanding and guide observation, and questions for reflection to help students apply their observation to their current studies and their future work as speech-language pathologists. This journaling process will help students connect what they observe with the knowledge they have gained from classes, textbooks, and journal articles. Thought provoking activities may be completed, revisited, and redone, and multiple activities are provided for each observation. This is a must-have resource for supervisors, students, and new clinicians. Clinical Observation: A Guide for Students in Speech, Language, and Hearing reviews the principles of good practice covering ASHA’s Big Nine areas of competency.
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Organized into 12 chapters, this clinically relevant text begins with neuroanatomy and neurologic examination, neuropathology, neurophysiology, and assessment of aphasia and related disorders, with discussions of the context of neurogenic communication disorders and aphasia treatment. Also featured are right hemisphere syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, dysarthria, and apraxia of speech.
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This book provides a life-span perspective on organic and neurogenic disorders of communication. The book presents current theories in the context of clinical practice and combines a medical approach to communication disorders with emphasis on educational, social and cultural factors. The book includes traditional areas of practice (e.g. aphasia, voice disorders, etc.) as well as new or expanded areas (e.g. dysphagia, psychiatric disorders, dementias). Each chapter is based on current research and theory, which provides a solid and comprehensive framework for understanding these communication problems. In addition, essential information in the areas of instrumentation, analytic techniques, and medio-surgical advances is highlighted. The book provides intelligent and in-depth coverage of medically-related communication disorders and their consequences, without sacrificing readability.For professionals working in the field of speech-language pathology.
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"Understanding Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders" is an engaging, student-friendly text that explores the connection between common communication science research methods and clinical practice. Covering both the conceptual and the quantitative aspects of research methods, evidence-based practice, experimental design, and statistics, this book both elucidates various models of research and practice and explains how these models are important to the greater field of communication science. While some students and practitioners find many books on research, evidence-based practice, and statistical concepts to be intimidating, abstract, and dry, this text strives to emphasize not only the ideas surrounding evidence-based practice but also how its principles can be applied in clinical practice. "Special Features Include: " - An exceptionally comprehensive structure and outline that covers experimental design, the nature of science, statistical methods, and evidence-based practice, taking students on an in-depth exploration of research models and practices.- A student-friendly style that approaches statistics using a conceptual point of view that emphasizes the proper selection of quantitative methods and their interpretation as opposed to how to compute them.- Learning objectives that outline the most important points of each chapter and serve to help students organize their thoughts before and after completing their reading assignments.- Learning activities, which appear in every chapter, allow students to apply what they have just learned and to think critically about the central concepts just covered.- A comprehensive glossary of research terms from all chapters appears at the back of the book so that students can quickly look up important concepts and definitions.- A chapter on how to seek grant support and how to design capstone projects emphasizes the practical applications of the book's concepts and lessons.
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