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Written from a legal and institutional perspective, this text provides students with an overview of the American legal system. Broad coverage, flexible organization, and inclusion of up-to-date, teachable cases make Introduction to Law suitable for a variety of departments (business, political science, government and criminal justice departments, and paralegal and pre-law) and courses (Survey of Law, Introduction to Law and the Legal System, Law and Society, Legal Studies for Paralegals, and Legal Process).Expanded ethics coverage includes a chapter (devoted entirely to the topic) with icons highlighting interesting ethical dilemmas and an appendix discussing the ethical dimensions of case studies.
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INTRODUCTION TO LAW AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM provides an overview of law and the American legal system, using cases to support the major functions of U.S. law. Suitable for a variety of departments and courses, this text is known for its broad coverage, flexible organization, and use of cases to explain legal concepts.
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Designed to teach the basics needed to prepare students for any role in the legal system, Law and the Legal System engages students through the use of examples and practical applications of legal principles. Whether they are interested in pursuing legal careers as lawyers or paralegals, or political science careers, or criminal justice interests, students are provided a basic understanding of the law and how to find it. Mock trial experiences are encouraged, and each chapter involves the student in exercises that review understanding of legal terms and concepts. Six cases in an appendix illustrate basic concepts, and hypothetical cases showcase the inner workings of the judicial system in both criminal and civil cases. Internet sources, key terms, case excerpts, research assignments, review exercises and discussion questions help students reinforce the key concepts in each chapter, and suggested activities engage students in discovery projects. Thoroughly updated, the revised Third Edition expands coverage with new chapters on Legal Research and Writing, Tort Law, Contract Law, Family Law, Employment Law, and Equal Protection Law. Careful updating of information throughout the book includes refreshed Internet references to the text. Hallmark features of An Introduction to Law and Legal Studies in the United States: Solid overview of the system of law and government Readability, accessibility Provides the basics for any role in the legal system lawyer or paralegal career political science or criminal justice work Practical applications to engage students with legal principles mock trial experiences encouraged chapter exercises review legal terms and concepts activities engage students in discovery projects Five part structure, comprehensive coverage Basic Legal Concepts Substantive Civil Law Civil Law Procedure Criminal Law Procedure Administrative Due Process Six cases illustrate major basic concepts Explains difficult legal concepts in a reader-friendly format Hypothetical cases reveal workings of judicial system in both criminal and civil cases Differentiates civil, criminal, and administrative due process Discusses history as well as contemporary state of law and current controversies Pedagogically rich Internet sources key terms case excerpts research assignments review exercises discussion questions Thoroughly updated, the revised Third Edition presents: New chapters Legal Research and Writing Tort Law Contract Law Family Law Employment Law Equal Protection Law Updated Internet references New material, brought completely up-to-date
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Since the publication of its first edition, this textbook has become the definitive student introduction to the subject. As with earlier editions, the seventh edition gives a clear understanding of fundamental legal concepts and their importance within society. In addition, this book addresses the ways in which rules and the structures of law respond to and impact upon changes in economic and political life. The title has been extensively updated and explores recent high profile developments such as the Civil Partnership Act 2005 and the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. This introductory text covers a wide range of topics in a clear, sensible fashion giving full context to each. For this reason An Introduction to Law is ideal for all students of law, be they undergraduate law students, those studying law as part of a mixed degree, or students on social sciences courses which offer law options.
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This text provides an introduction to U.S. law. It is intended for law students, lawyers, and legal scholars from foreign countries; U.S. graduate and undergraduate college students; members of the general reading public in the United States; and anyone who seeks a "big picture" of the law and legal system. Not a casebook, it explains the major substantive areas of the law in narrative form with citations to cases and sources for additional detail. In addition to covering the principal substantive areas of the law, the book has chapters on: essential basic history and governmental structure necessary to an understanding of the legal system; the legal profession; the theory and practice of the adversary system of justice; and statutory interpretation and case law reasoning.
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Introduction to the English Legal System is the ideal foundation for those coming new to the study of law. Writing in a highly engaging and accessible style, Martin Partington introduces the purposes and functions of English law, the law-making process, and the machinery of justice, while also challenging assumptions and exploring current debates. Consolidating over 40 years' experience in the law, Martin Partington examines beliefs about the English legal system, and encourages students to question how far it meets the growing demands placed on it. Incorporating all the latest developments, this concise introduction brings law and the legal system to life. Digital formats and resources: This edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources. - The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support: - The online resources include questions for reflection and discussion; self-test questions; a glossary; further reading materials; web links; and a link to Martin Partington's blog, which covers key developments in the English justice system.
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Leading Canadian scholars cover a wide range of topics spanning the applications of psychology in both criminal and civil areas of law. An authoritative introduction to law and psychology for a Canadian audience.
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