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This essential textbook equips students with a strong understanding of theories, policies and practices and how they impact on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, guiding them through their SEND course or modules. It provides students with the foundations and tools necessary to think critically about the issues and developments concerning SEND, inclusion, and professional practice. The book includes: - Material surrounding mental health in childhood and adolescence - Chapters on global perspectives of SEND, and assistive technologies - Practical case studies, reflection questions and activities - Spotlights on key theories and research - Up-to-date information on policies impacting SEND
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Intended as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate courses (B.Ed./M.Ed.; B.A./M.A. Education) and diploma level courses in Education as well as for courses in Special Education, this compre-hensive and accessible book provides a sound base for understanding Special Children through an insightful and incisive discussion on Special Education. The text dwells on exceptional children, or children with special needs, who either suffer from various deficits or disabilities, or are gifted. Such children include the mentally retarded, the visually and hearing impaired, the emotionally disturbed, those with autism, cerebral palsy, and the deprived, as well as the gifted and the creative. This well-organized and pedagogically rich text should be extremely useful to students as well as professionals—special education teachers, those engaged in guidance and counselling, educational policy makers, and field workers, who have an abiding interest in the education of exceptional children and in special education. KEY FEATURES  Includes student-friendly features like illustrations, examples, tables, and research-based experimental findings.  Provides a complete picture of exceptionality, from the early years of human history to the present day.  Gives case histories to practically illustrate the subject.
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This volume guides readers toward understanding and meeting the needs of students with exceptionalities. This book maintains the critical information of the traditional introductory text: the history of special education, state and federal legislation, and the role of the courts. It elaborates the steps in the identification and assessment process as well as the development of an individualized educational program (IEP). It describes critical directions in special education, such as the least restrictive environment and the continuum of services. Through discussing movements such as the Regular Education Initiative, it traces how we arrived at the controversial sentiments of today. This text provides an objective overview of responses of experts who feel positively or negatively about directions toward inclusion.
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Covering reading and writing, this book provides specific interventions for tiers 1, 2, and 3 within a multi-tier RTI framework so diverse learners can experience successful literacy.
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An Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs: Birth Through Age Eight is a comprehensive introduction to educational policies, programs, practices, and services for future practitioners serving young children with delays or disabilities in early intervention-early childhood special education (EI-ECSE). Thoughtfully addressing the needs of children at risk for learning or development delays or disabilities, revered authors Richard M. Gargiulo and Jennifer L. Kilgo offer evidence-based interventions and instructional techniques that provide students with a broad understanding of important theoretical and philosophical foundations, including evidence-based decision making, developmentally appropriate practices, cultural responsiveness, and activity-based intervention. The Fifth Edition includes the latest developments in and influences on the field of early intervention and early childhood special education, including the Division for Early Childhood’s (DEC) Recommended Practices, which are infused throughout the text. With the support of this current and innovative book, readers will gain a firm understanding of the complex field of EI-ECSE to assist them in their future study and careers. A Complete Teaching & Learning Package Contact your rep to request a demo, answer your questions, and explore the robust tools and resources available with this text. SAGE Premium Video Included in the interactive eBook! SAGE Premium Video tools and resources boost comprehension and bolster analysis. Learn more. Interactive eBook Your students save when you bundle the print version with the Interactive eBook (Bundle ISBN: 978-1-5443-6571-8), which includes access to SAGE Premium Video and other multimedia tools. Learn more. SAGE coursepacks SAGE coursepacks makes it easy to import our quality instructor and student resource content into your school’s learning management system (LMS). Intuitive and simple to use, SAGE coursepacks allows you to customize course content to meet your students’ needs. Learn more. SAGE edge This companion website offers both instructors and students a robust online environment with an impressive array of teaching and learning resources. Learn more.
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Part 1: FOUNDATIONS OF SPECIAL EDUCATION. 1. Special Education in Context: People, Concepts, and Perspectives. 2. Policies, Practices, and Programs. 3. Cultural and Linguistic Diversity and Exceptionality. 4. Parents, Families, and Exceptionality. Part 2: A STUDY OF PERSONS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. 5. Persons with Mental Retardation. 6. Persons with Learning Disabilities. 7. Persons with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 8. Persons with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. 9. Persons Who Are Gifted and Talented. 10. Persons with Speech and Language Disorders. 11. Persons with Hearing Impairments. 12. Persons with Visual Impairments. 13. Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 14. Persons with Physical Disabilities, Health Disabilities, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Appendix A: Federal Definitions of Disabilities. Appendix B: Sample Individualized Education Program. Appendix C: Sample Individualized Family Services Plan. Glossary. Name Index. Subject Index.
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Exceptional Learners: An Introduction to Special Education is a research-based general approach to the characteristics of exceptional learners and their education. This book emphasizes classroom practices as well as the psychological, sociological and medical aspects of disabilities and giftedness. It features Canadian research, policies, and practices, information on how to access provincial/territorial and federal websites, networks and organizations relating to exceptionalities in Canada.
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