Prentice Hall Biology utilizes a student-friendly approach that provides a powerful framework for connecting the key concepts of biology. New BIG IDEAs help all students focus on the most important concepts. Students explore concepts through engaging narrative, frequent use of analogies, familiar examples, and clear and instructional graphics. Now, with Success Tracker(tm) online, teachers can choose from a variety of diagnostic and benchmark tests to gauge student comprehension. Targeted remediation is available too! Whether using the text alone or in tandem with exceptional ancillaries and technology, teachers can meet the needs of every student at every learning level. With unparalleled reading support, resources to reach every student, and a proven research-based approach, authors Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine continue to set the standard. Prentice Hall Biology delivers: Clear, accessible writing Up-to-date content A student friendly approach A powerful framework for connecting key concepts
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All of these statements are false: Christians are science-deniers when it comes to evolution. Real science actually lines up more with evolution than creation as found in Genesis. Fossils are evidence for evolution. The Genesis account is fully compatible with evolution. These questions need answers! What exactly is the difference between evolution right and evolution wrong? Is it possible to bend Genesis to fit evolution? How can one defend belief in a six-day creation from the onslaughts of the evolutionists? How about any questions you have? This book is a must for any Christian about to enter a public high school or university. Accepting evolution as true is the basis for three of the ten reasons Christians give up saving faith. It is time for you to arm yourself with the truth and stand your ground logically, philosophically, scientifically, and most important biblically! Ready? Let’s go!
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A great option for low-level and inclusion classrooms, with digital support on Authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine deliver the same trusted, relevant content in more accessible ways! Written at a lower grade level with a reduced page count, the text offers additional embedded reading support to make biology come alive for struggling learners. Foundations for Learning reading strategies provide the tools to make content accessible for all your students.
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In 1925, the State of Tennessee enacted a law that prohibited the teaching of evolution in public schools, specifically, that man came from apes. The law was immediately challenged by the ACLU and pitted two famous lawyers Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, a religious Fundamentalist and one-time presidential candidate, in a bruising contest. The case became famous, known as the Monkey Trial.In this fictional trial, a high school teacher was fired for introducing religion into his biology class in the form of criticism of Darwinism. The trial involves expert witnesses from a variety of fields who defend and attack Darwinism, but not merely from a biology point-of-view. There are deep religion/atheism, legal, political, philosophical and cultural issues that are at stake and reflect today's bifurcated society.The Supreme Court cases in the past fifty years on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment are demonstrated as in disarray especially in school-religion cases. The famous bioatheist, Richard Dawkins, is called out for his trenchant criticism of Christians and distortion of Darwinism to achieve his ends.The lawyers are cut from vastly different cloth - an ex-Vietnam soldier and an anti-war conscientious objector. But the scientific and religious experts do most of the talking from the witness stand.The present book describes the preparation for and First Week of Trial.
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A single man stands behind the greatest deception in history. Charles Darwin's ideas still penetrate every aspect of our culture, including science, religion, and education. And while much has been made of his contribution to the evolutionary hypothesis, little has been publicized about the dark side of the man himself and how this may have impacted the quality and legitimacy of his research. This daring and compelling book takes its readers behind the popular facade of a man revered worldwide as a scientific pioneer, and unveils what kind of person Darwin really was. The book reveals disturbing facts that will help you: Perceive Darwin firsthand through the eyes of family and friends, and his own correspondence Discern this darkly troubled man, struggling with physical and mental health issues Uncover his views on eugenics and racism, and his belief that women were less evolved than men Thoroughly documented, this book reveals Darwin's less-than-above board methods of attempting to prove his so-called scientific beliefs, and his plot to "murder God" by challenging the then-dominant biblical worldview.
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A Biophysicist and Constitutional Lawyer Address a Profound Question. Is it OK for our public schools to teach only Atheistic answers to ultimate religious questions? Where do we come from and what is the nature of life? These are the two biggies implicitly addressed by U.S. K-12 origins science education. The answers form the foundation for the third: How should life be lived ethically and morally? The answers to the third will be significantly affected by how we answer the first two. The authors show that there are two evidence-based alternatives to the first two. We either come from unguided material causes without purpose or we come from material and intelligent causes for a purpose. The materialistic alternative provides the foundation for non-theistic religious answers to questions of ethics and morality, while the teleological alternative supports theistic answers. The problem is that modern origins science uses a concealed materialistic orthodoxy that permits only Atheistic narratives about the origin of the Universe, of life and the diversity of life. Thus, when these materialistic/atheistic explanations are taught by our K-12 public schools, the impressionable kids are only given an atheistic narrative rather than an objective education about the evidence for and against both views. Calvert, the lawyer who switched from stock fraud to Constitutional law 20 years ago, explains how the law actually favors the objective rather than the materialistic method for origins science education. Atheism is just as religious as theism for First Amendment purposes. Accordingly, just as the schools cannot push a theistic prayer during the invocation at a high school graduation, neither can it adopt or implement an atheistic orthodoxy when teaching origins science. He also explains that objectivity is also required as the scientific method for the testing of historical narratives require consideration of all evidence-based alternatives. At the end, the Authors provide a set of ten suggestions for the development of objective standards and curricula for teaching origins science.
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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.
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