RECOMMENDED FOR READERS 18 AND OLDER DUE TO STRONG LANGUAGE, SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND VIOLENCE. This is Book 1 of 3 in the Nine Minutes Trilogy On May 15, 1975, fifteen-year-old Ginny Lemon is abducted from a convenience store in Fort Lauderdale by a member of one of the most notorious and brutal motorcycle gangs in South Florida. From that moment on, her life is forever changed. She gets a new name, a new identity and a new life in the midst of the gang's base on the edge of the Florida Everglades-a frightening, rough and violent world much like the swamps themselves, where everyone has an alias and loyalty is tantamount to survival. And at the center of it all is the gang's leader, Grizz: massive, ruggedly handsome, terrifying and somehow, when it comes to Ginny, tender. She becomes his obsession and the one true love of his life. So begins a tale of emotional obsession and manipulation, of a young woman ripped from everything she knows and forced to lean on the one person who provides attention, affection and care: her captor. Precocious and intelligent, but still very much a teenager, Ginny struggles to adapt to her existence, initially fighting and then coming to terms with her captivity. Will she be rescued? Will she escape? Will she get out alive-or get out at all? Part psychological thriller, part coming-of-age novel, filled with mystery, romance and unexpected turns, Nine Minutes takes readers into the world of one motorcycle gang and inside the heart of a young girl, whose abduction brought about its fall.
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The Globe & Mail's #1 Business Book of the Year! "ALL IN, ALL THE TIME" Low performance and high turnover is not the result of lazy, apathetic workers. It's not about decreasing budgets. And it's not about a terrible economy. It's about leadership that doesn't engage employees. In Nine Minutes on Monday, leadership guru James Robbins argues that employee engagement comes down to one thing: a constant dedication to meeting the universal needs that drive performance excellence. In today's chaotic, high-stakes business environment, it is easy to get distracted from leadership responsibilities by focusing on tasks at hand instead of on strategy. But when you neglect to keep your leadership priorities in front of you, everyone suffers--your staff, your organization and, in the end, you. Whether you lead a small team or an entire organization, you’ll discover the nine keys to raising productivity, boosting morale, and increasing employee engagement. Nine Minutes on Monday combines proven engagement drivers and principles of human motivation into a simple system of execution that will show immediate results. Inside you'll find: The "9 Minute" template for maintaining focus on your leadership priorities--no matter how busy you are Three key questions that will help you connect purpose to paycheck for your staff A four-step formula for addressing subpar performance and driving complacency from the workplace A simple coaching model for fast-track staff development Four reward/recognition tools that will leave your employees feeling valued and motivated The one simple activity that will forge deep bonds of trust between you and your employees Three key ingredients that will immediately increase the motivation level of any employee Being a great leader is never easy, but Robbins breaks it all down into essential components to reveal its fundamental simplicity. Nine Minutes on Monday is your road map to igniting purpose, passion, and engagement among your team members. Master and apply the tools and techniques inside, and your employees will be motivated, inspired, and equipped to bring their best to work each and every day. Quick and simple leadership lessons for boosting performance, morale, and engagement "James Robbins is a terrifi c observer, thinker, and storyteller. He also has marvelous insights about how leaders can help employees become more connected to their work setting. He weaves together personal stories with thoughtful leadership insights into a compelling book. If leaders will do the nine minutes he suggests each Monday morning, they will become what we have called ‘meaning makers' who deliver enormous value to their employees, customers, investors, and communities." -- Dave Ulrich, professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; partner, The RBL Group; coauthor, The Why of Work "It really works! Robbins provides simple and practical tools to help all managers get on the road toward becoming great leaders. These nine easy-to-use principles are relevant to today's work environment and yet so often overlooked. Thank you for helping me to make a difference to my team." -- Sue Travis, HR Manager, Lowe's "Every manager in your workplace needs this book. Practical and easily doable ideas that will help turn your managers into truly inspiring leaders." -- Michael Kerr, "The Workplace Energizer" and author of Putting Humor to Work "Great easy read with lots of practical applications for leaders looking to improve their game and really make a difference in the lives of those they lead." -- Debbie Stein, CFO AltaGas
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"Examines the tragic shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, including detailed reports of the horrific events, background on the killers, and the aftermath of the shooting"--Provided by publisher.
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Flight attendant Robin Fech told passengers to remove pens and other sharp objects from their pockets. Take off your eyeglasses, she instructed, and pour your drinks into the seat-back pockets. Two rows forward, a Diet Coke in hand, Jennifer Grunbeck reached for the seat-back pocket. Don't you think this will make a mess?, Jean Brucato asked her. I think, Grunbeck said, that they are more concerned with what's going on outside the plane.
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In the aftermath of a small-town school shooting, lawyer Jordan McAfee finds himself defending a youth who desperately needs someone on his side, while detective Patrick Ducharme works with the primary witness--the daughter of the judge assigned to the case.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Simon and Schuster, Pages: 628 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781476729718

"Examines the tragic shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, including detailed reports of the horrific events, background on the killers, and the aftermath of the shooting"--Provided by publisher.
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Discover the 3x3 meditation technique that can turn your life around in this “raw, compelling and deeply inspiring” self-help memoir (Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul). Many know that thoughts and emotions affect the physical body—but how can you use this knowledge most effectively? Dina Proctor developed the 3x3 meditation technique during her own struggle with suicidal depression and addiction. As a certified life coach, she shares it with her clients. Now, she shares it with readers everywhere. In this book, Proctor recounts her raw, real experience and the 3x3 meditation technique that has been the key to her physical, mental, and emotional healing—leading to better regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol, weight loss, and even improved relationships. The key is not spending hours on end in meditation or visualization practice, but to engage multiple times per day in shorter bursts, to consistently interrupt old thought patterns and negative thinking. If you can spare nine minutes a day, you too can experience its powerful benefits—and in addition to the author’s riveting story of recovery, Madly Chasing Peace provides concrete steps to get you started.
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On March 3, 1973, Flight 981, a DC-10 aircraft owned and flown by Turkish Airlines and carrying 334 passengers and a crew of 12, took off from Orly airport in Paris. Nine minutes later, it crashed into the Ermenonville Forest, killing all 346 aboard. It was the first crash of a fully loaded "wide-body" jet and the largest air disaster in aviation history at that time.
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"If you are a believer this book is a must read. If you are a sceptic this is a must read for you too. If you think you are too "intellectual" for Christian belief let this book tell you how wrong you are and inspire you to try a better way with God, instead of without Him. Highly recommended - a great Australian book which will blow you away." (Marian Klitzke, (Tasmania), a retired social worker and ex-owner of a Christian bookshop. Emailed to the author and posted on You-tube with the promo.) Trained at the University of New South Wales, Dr Ern Crocker is an experienced nuclear medicine physician, and the first to practise ultrasound in Australia. As he reconciled his Christian faith with his understanding of medicine, Dr Crocker became aware that God was working alongside him during an after-hours medical emergency. In this book, Dr Crocker recounts this life-changing encounter with the miraculous power of God, and also presents the testimonies of many other doctors who, like him, have experienced the presence of a "silent partner" as they carry out their medical duties. Readers will be amazed at these insiders' accounts of how God intervenes in the world of medicine today! "An essential read for those struggling with the considerable challenge of integrating a passion for the science of medicine, the art of compassionate holistic care and a love of the God who has created them." Dr Michael Burke MBBS, PhD, FRACGP, FAICD Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia "It is my hope that this book will encourage a large number of people to recognize that their hope lies with God, rather than with themselves." Ben Carson MD, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Professor of Neurological Surgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University. Author of Gifted Hands "This is an inspirational book. I recommend it to all, but especially to students and young professionals in health care. Over and over again it shows that God is faithful to those who seek him and intervenes in the lives of his followers. He is the healer, whether it be through medical or miraculous means. May it encourage those in the medical world to go after God more and more and see his kingdom come in health care in the nations." Dr Ken Curry, Health Care In Christ, Australia "To some, a Christian doctor is an oxymoron in our day and age. Dr Ern Crocker in his book Nine Minutes Past Midnight demonstrates keen intellectual precision whole at the same time positioning himself in a very real faith. I love the reality of the book. I enjoy the stories of incredible medical and technological breakthrough. I am in awe when healing comes when doctors know that it was not their efforts alone that won the day. Both types are stories of divine intervention. I am comforted that others struggle with the reality that healing is not effected in every case, either by divine or by natural means. The reality of our limitations as shared in this book, serves to remind us that there is still much to learn, and much to keep us humble, even while celebrating great success. This book and its heroes are worth celebrating." David Crabtree, Senior Pastor, DaySpring Church, Australia "Nine Minutes Past Midnight is a compelling book, demonstrating perfectly what it looks like when the kingdom of heaven is expressed through the hands of those in the medical field. With interviews and testimonies from professionals all over the world, Dr Ernest Crocker has courageously painted a clear picture of what it looks like when the hand of God is upon and working through doctors surrendered to Him. This book will encourage your faith as you read about the many who have encountered God and have successfully carried Him into the world of medicine." Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, California. Author of When Heaven Invades Earth and Secrets To Imitating God Nine Minutes Past Midnight is essentially a compilation of interviews, conversations, and anecdotes, involving both doctors and patients. The purpose of Crocker's assembled interviews, conversations, and anecdotes, was to set out "factual evidence" - sometimes quite startling factual evidence - entrusted to him by "prominent medical practitioners of sound mind and undisputed word" (thereby confirming Crocker's own relevant experiences) regarding "the manner in which a 'personal' God interacts and intervenes in the lives of doctors, their patients, families and friends." This factual evidence related to God's intervening in the healing process today, not simply in the past. Put differently, the central theme of Nine Minutes Past Midnight is the experience by doctors and patients of God's presence now in day-to-day medical practice as the "third person involved in patient care and in the healing process...that unseen person or 'silent partner'." Rarely does a reviewer get to write about a book as remarkable as Ernest Crocker's Nine Minutes Past Midnight. Dr Colin Goodwin (extract from review) "Mr Ernest Crocker does not work alone but with a 'silent partner' he calls on during his treatment. As a young doctor he found just how powerful this 'silent partner' is when called out to a medical emergency at Nine Minutes Past Midnight. It was beyond explanation how this woman, pronounced dead twice by other medical personnel, lived without any lasting effects. This miracle encouraged and changed Dr Crocker, the first nuclear medicine physician in Australia to practise ultrasound. Nine Minutes Past Midnight begins with this incredible story and is followed by Dr Crocker's medical and spiritual journey and stories of other Christian doctors he encountered and interviewed over the years. It is a book of incredible faith, from medical personnel praying and trusting God to heal patients when their prognosis and ethics tell them the opposite, to the faith of patients whose lives are healed when their prognosis is non-existent. This truly inspirational book would be a great encouragement to those training or working in the health field. They will learn to trust God the healer would be a great encouragement to those training or working in the health field. They will learn to trust God the healer to work in the lives of patients either through medical or miraculous means and realise the limits of medical abilities against God's healing power. Highly recommended." - Elizabeth Gardner Weekly Challenge New Zealand's Christian Newspaper, 23/06/2012
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