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ORGB, Third Canadian Edition, offers comprehensive coverage of contemporary organizational behavior topics in a format that is engaging and accessible for today's learners. Our flexible hybrid solution was developed based on feedback from both Canadian instructors and students, reflecting today's students' study and reading habits. The third Canadian edition includes more examples from an assortment of organizations to appeal to a wider variety of programs, including legal assistance and hospitality. The product also includes contemporary cases, examples, self-assessments, and additional activities for active learning to help make the content applied and relevant for today's on-the-go student.
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Mennonites have long referred to themselves as "The Quiet in the Land," but their actual historical experience has been marked by internal disquiet and contention over religious values and cultural practice. As Fred Kniss argues in his impressive study of Mennonite history, the story of this sectarian pacifist group is a story of conflict. How can we understand the ironic phenomenon of Mennonite conflict? How do ideas and symbols-both those of the American mainstream and those that are specifically Mennonite-influence the emergence and course of this conflict? What is the relationship between intra-Mennonite conflict and the changing historical context in which Mennonites are situated? Through a rigorous analysis of a century of disputes over dress codes, congregational authority, and religious practice, Kniss offers the tools both to understand conflict within a specific religious group and to answer larger questions about culture, ideology, and social and historical change. FRED KNISS is an associate professor of sociology at Loyola University, Chicago. His current research is a study of religiously based international relief and development organizations. KEY POINTS: o First book-length treatment of Mennonite history and conflict. o Uses case of Mennonites to reflect on conflict and change more broadly.
Genre: Religion, Editor: Rutgers University Press, Pages: 257 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0813524237

The Fourth International Conference on Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based S- tems (SITIS 2008) has been successfully held during the period 30th November to 3rd of December of the year 2008 in Bali, Indonesia. The Track Web-Based Information Te- nologies & Distributed Systems (WITDS) is one of the four tracks of the conference. The track is devoted to emerging and novel concepts, architectures and methodologies for c- ating an interconnected world in which information can be exchanged easily, tasks can be processed collaboratively, and communities of users with similar interests can be formed while addressing security threats that are present more than ever before. The track has attracted a large number of submissions; only ?fteen papers have been accepted with - ceptance rate 27%. After the successful presentations of the papers during the conference, the track chairs have agreed with Atlantis publisher to publish the extended versions of the papers in a book. Each paper has been extended with a minimum of 30% new materials from its original conference manuscript. This book contains these extendedversions as chaptersafter a second roundof reviews and improvement. The book is an excellent resource of information to researchers and it is based on four themes; the ?rst theme is on advances in ad-hoc and routing protocols, the second theme focuses on the latest techniques and methods on intelligent systems, the third theme is a latest trend in Security and Policies, and the last theme is applications of algorithms design methodologies on web based systems.
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Modern philosophy has benefited immensely from the intelligence, and sensitivity, the creative and critical energies, and the lucidity of Polish scholars. Their investigations into the logical and methodological foundations of mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, ethics and esthetics, psychology, linguistics, economics and jurisprudence, and the social science- all are marked by profound and imaginative work. To the centers of empiricist philosophy of science in Vienna, Berlin and Cambridge during the first half of this century, one always added the great school of analytic and methodol ogical studies in Warsaw and Lwow. To the world centers of Marxist theoretical practice in Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Rome and elsewhere, one must add the Poland of the same era, from Ludwik Krzywicki (1859-1941) onward. American socialists and economists will remember the careful work of Oscar Lange, working among us for many years and then after 1945 in Warsaw, always humane, logical, objective. In this volume, our friend and colleague, Jerzy J. Wiatr, has assembled a representative set of recent essays by Polish social scientists and philosophers. Each of these might lead the reader far beyond this book, to look into the Polish Sociological Bulletin which has been publishing Polish sociological studies in English for several decades, to study other translations of books and papers by these authors, and to reflect upon the interplay of logical, phenomenological, Marxist, empiricist and historical learning in modern Polish social understanding.
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This updated edition describes both the mathematical theory behind a modern photorealistic rendering system as well as its practical implementation. Through the ideas and software in this book, designers will learn to design and employ a full-featured rendering system for creating stunning imagery. Includes a companion site complete with source code for the rendering system described in the book, with support for Windows, OS X, and Linux.
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Information Systems Security, ICISS 2012, held in Guwahati, India, in December 2012. The 18 revised full papers and 3 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 72 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on software security, acces control, covert communications, network security, and database and distributed systems security.
Genre: Computers, Editor: Springer Science & Business Media, Pages: 353 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9783642351303