'Personality Theories' by Albert Ellis - the founding father of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - provides a comprehensive review of all major theories of personality including theories of personality pathology. Importantly, it critically reviews each of these theories in light of the competing theories as well as recent research.
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[The book] is designed both to explain the major personality theories and to stimulate critical thinking about them. [The author] has pursued four main objectives. To present a clear and concise picture of the major features of each important personality theory ... To focus on significant ideas and themes that structure the content of the different personality theories ... To provide criteria to guide the evaluation of each theory ... To present activities, informed by the tenets of each theory, that will provide growth in critical thinking skills. -Pref.
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Personality Theories: A Global View by leading scholar Eric Shiraev takes a dynamic, integrated, and cross-cultural approach to the study of personality. The text is organized around three general questions: Where did personality theories come from? How did the theorists study facts? How do we apply personality theories now? These questions provide a consistent focus on social context, interdisciplinary science, and applications. Going beyond traditional research from the Western tradition, the book also covers theories and studies rooted in the experiences of other countries and cultures.
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This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the key personality theorists by combining biographical information on each theorist with his or her contributions to the field, including her or his ranking among the world’s most respected psychologists. In addition, Allen provides a tabular format–that is, a running comparison between the major theorists, allowing students to analyze new theories against theories learned in previous chapters. The unique style of Allen's book is strengthened through his conversational tone, enabling students to easily grasp an understanding of the key people and movements in the field of personality.
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In recent years researchers in human personality have come to a rarely achieved near unanimous conclusion: human personality is structured around a very few major traits, probably five in number. These factors, sometimes called the Big Five and represented by the acronym OCEAN, are Openness to experienceConscientiousnessExtroversionAgreeablenessNeuroticismHow does this Five-Factor Model fit with a Christian understanding of human nature? How does it compare or contrast with the way Jesus lived, taught and counseled? James Beck looks at prominent themes in the teaching and ministry of Jesus and how they relate to the five personality factors. Here is a study of the Christian implications of the new model--a study that will offer fresh insights for students, pastors and therapists alike.
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Designed as a text for both graduate and undergraduate students, this book, originally published in 1995, presents an intrapsychic explanation of human behaviour – concepts based on psychological processes and ‘structures’ within the mind. In this context, a unique treatment of personality theory is introduced. It focuses on Freud, Kelly and Angyal: Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality based on desires, Kelly’s personal construct theory for thinking, and Angyal’s holistic concepts of personality. Each theory is given a detailed analysis in separate chapters. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory is cast as a theory of motivation, Kelly’s personal construct theory as a theory of cognition, and then it is noted that there is no comprehensive theory of personality based on emotion. Although Angyal’s holistic theory is rarely described in modern textbooks, Lester includes this because none of the other holistic theorists rival Angyal in their range of hypothetical constructs or descriptive terms. Then, in sections dealing with alternative viewpoints, the author shows how other personality theorists actually endorse and expand upon the ideas expressed by the aforementioned three, albeit with different terminology. Recognizing the diversity of holistic views in theories of personality, several counterpoint chapters are devoted to the holistic ideas. Lester separates these into three major areas: theorists who have focused on the split in the mind between the real and ideal self; recent theorists who explore the possibility that the mind is a ‘multiplicity of selves’; and theorists who, though not having their viewpoints sufficiently articulated in the literature, are still well established in the history of psychology. Other features include a presentation of the material in modern viewpoints, instead of the precise and perhaps outdated style as written by the individual theorists, and boxed highlights in each section, providing students with practical capsule information for easy reading.
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This unique workbook was written for the undergraduate Personality course where professors are looking for activities to help students learn and apply personality theories to real-life examples. The workbook is geared toward personality courses that are theories-based, as opposed to research-based. Because the cases explored are those based on normal behavior (as opposed to abnormal behavior), this workbook is especially useful. While most personality texts present the major concepts of personality theories, they don't help students apply the theories they have learned or to use the theories to understand other examples on their own. This workbook will help students do just that and is the perfect complement to any Personality text.
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