Share the hands-on magic of Press Here in this extra-large format that's just right for classrooms and play groups. The big book edition gets whole groups of kids in on the interactive experience and fun of Hervé Tullet's bestselling picture book.
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction, Editor: Chronicle Books, Pages: 56 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1452154805

Best-selling author Herve Tullet extends an irresistible invitation to young children to whisper, sing and shout their way through another magical book experience.
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Part Sandra Boynton, part Each Peach Pear Plum; part Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, part Hippopposites—a treat for the brain and the tongue. With an elegant and simple approach, this thought-provoking concept book shows young readers that everything in the world can be seen from infinite perspectives. Each page compares colors, shapes, and objects in relation to each other. A triangle that is over a square is also under a circle. A circle that is pink also might be a flower. The artful, playful combinations of simple concepts and Higgins's rhythmic writing and expert arrangement of objects on the page make this book a perfect read-aloud, capable of entertaining, educating, and challenging readers in equal measure. There are multiple ways to read the book, allowing it to work for several ages and reading levels at once. The educational value and sheer fun packed into this book's language and visual design will make it a huge hit with educators and librarians, new parents, and creative kids who are visual learners. This striking, delightfully different exploration of shape, color, and patterns redefines what a picture book can be. Read it once, read it ten times. See something new every time. A GREAT INTRODUCTION TO MANY DIFFERENT CONCEPTS: This book's focus on color, shapes, objects, and relative words like "over," "under," and "next to" make this the perfect introduction to basic concepts of all kinds. Rather than traditional concept books that focus on only one idea, this book combines its teaching approach, helping young readers learn more than one concept at once by showing how they relate to each other. A DYNAMIC LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The unusual combination of colors, shapes, and animals intelligently introduces young readers to patterns, classification, and problem-solving. The imaginative language of this book, rich with rhythmic phrasing and a tongue twister–like playfulness, creates a soothing read-aloud text that engages young children with questions and encourages audience participation. PERFECT FOR ANY KIND OF EDUCATION: With a variety of concepts, clear read-aloud qualities, and the many different ways this book engages different styles of learning, this book is ideal for librarians, educators, and anyone creating reading events in their communities. BELOVED AUTHOR: Carter Higgins is not only the author of many acclaimed books for children such as Everything You Need to Build a Treehouse, This Is Not a Valentine, and Bikes for Sale, she's also a seasoned school librarian who's spent many years working with children. Her love of kids—and her passion for teaching—shines throughout this book. EASY ART PROJECT INSPIRATION: Having honed her art skills as an elementary librarian, Carter Higgins makes her own debut as an illustrator for this book with simple, appealing collages. Kids will love making their own art projects inspired by the illustrations in this book. BRIGHT, EYE-CATCHING ART: The simple shapes and lively colors are designed to appeal to young children. Read this if your children enjoy Hervé Tullet's Press Here or Bill Martin Jr.'s Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Perfect for: • Parents • Grandparents • Educators • Gift-givers
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Kids Travel Journal: My Travel Diary for World Travel Is your family planning a vacation adventure? Then give your kids a fun travel journal to engage their minds and collect their vacation memories for a lifetime. Have you ever found your kids bored on a family trip? Wouldn't it be great to offer them something other than a video game to keep them occupied? This travel journal for kids is a perfect vacation buddy that offers prompts to really trigger their imagination. Imagine how much fun your kids will have filling out their travel diary with prompts that ask them to draw and write about the experieces of the places they have visited. And for those younger travelers, there's plenty of "Check the Box" type questions and simple fill in the blank questions that mom and dad can easily share in the fun. Plus this travel diary also comes with travel games for kids like hangman, tic tac toe and more. It's perfect for early writers and kids on the verge on writing. Here's what your kids will love best: • Log the places they have traveled • Fill in the blank travel pages like: My Passport, Our Vacation Itinerary • Free doodle pages to draw their favorite moments of the trip • Log and rate their experiences with new foods • Collect all their tickets in their scrap pages This kids travel journal includes much much more including my packing check list, my five senses and other travel activities for kids. So pick it up today and get started by clicking the button above. Most commonly suited for children ages 4 - 7. Page Count: 100 PagesBinding: Trade PaperSize: 8.5" x 11"Language: EnglishColor: Full Color Cover / Black & White Interior
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What could possibly keep Lewis Tiggle from enjoying his twelfth birthday and the last day of school before summer vacation? Having his sister, Lallie, under foot might spoil his special day. But what he doesn't know is that together with Lallie, their precocious cat, and a friendly mouse, they'll all be sucked into a watery hole in the wake of a very strange storm that strikes their seaside village of Mousehole, England. A terrifying voyage through the depths of the ocean takes them to a mysterious place called Pood: a hostile, threatening land filled with secrecy and oddities. When they learn that three Topland children are being held captive in Pood, a race begins to rescue them and find a way home. But finding a way out is not so easy when you're trapped under the sea in a place that brings things in, but never lets them out.
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Ride the hilarious roller coaster with Glen Stanford as he follows Steve Scott's plan in "How to Write a Nonfiction e-Book in 21 Days " Not one to let the writing process cramp his style, this ukulele-playing bluegrass-singing YouTube sensation (32 views and counting) juggles his new-found fame with astonishing persistence to produce not one, but two works of genius. This is the true story. The (secret) recipe for success: Writer's buzz - 1oz Sleepless nights - 2oz Tenacity (and beer) - 7 (units left deliberately vague) Irreverence and political incorrectness - to taste Espresso - administered intravenously - 55 gal Pizza (1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 mushroom) - 37 slices Humility - a whole bunch Blend and enjoy.
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Your tears are strength! The world has conditioned us to believe that tears are equivalent to being a coward or allowing fear to consume us. That is far from the truth. Yes, our tears display our current level of emotion like fear, anger or frustration but that does not equate to weakness. Have you ever noticed the feeling of relief after crying or how we can laugh so hard that tears form in our eyes. Our tears are a reminder that we are human but it should also give us a deeper connection with Jesus, who in human form cried after the death of his friend Lazarus. Stop allowing the world to dictate where your strength comes from! "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak" Isaiah 40:29 Today is your day to......... * Stop fighting the tears * Find power in your tears * Become a shoulder for someone fighting back tears * Realize that God sees your tears
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In a world where reproduction is strictly controlled, they are society's rejects. Unwanted and unloved, they are raised to age twelve, then taken beyond the Boundary and left to fend for themselves, to survive or perish. Wild Children is a story of abandonment and survival, of hope and determination, and of a love that refused to die.
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2009 Poet's Market will give you all the information necessary to research markets and submit your poetry for publication. In addition to market listings, you'll find guidance for preparing and submitting manuscripts, identifying markets, relating to editors, and more. Plus, the book includes additional listings for conferences, workshops, organizations for poets, print and online resources, and the latest trends in poetry writing and publishing.
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