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This is Volume 2 of 2, covering Chapters 24 - 34 and the appendices. See Excerpt: Principles of Economics is designed for a two-semester principles of economics sequence. The text has been developed to meet the scope and sequence of most introductory courses. At the same time, the book includes a number of innovative features designed to enhance student learning. Instructors can also customize the book, adapting it to the approach that works best in their classroom. The pedagogical choices, chapter arrangements, and learning objective fulfillment were developed and vetted with feedback from educators dedicated to the project. They thoroughly read the material and offered critical and detailed commentary. The outcome is a balanced approach to micro and macro economics, to both Keynesian and classical views, and to the theory and application of economics concepts. Current events are treated in a politically-balanced way as well.
Genre: Business & Economics, Editor:, Pages: 351 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781304999320

Principles of Macroeconomics for AP® Courses 2e covers the scope and sequence requirements for an Advanced Placement® macroeconomics course and is listed on the College Board’s AP® example textbook list. The second edition includes many current examples and recent data from FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data), which are presented in a politically equitable way. The outcome is a balanced approach to the theory and application of economics concepts. The second edition was developed with significant feedback from current users. In nearly all chapters, it follows the same basic structure of the first edition. General descriptions of the edits are provided in the preface, and a chapter-by-chapter transition guide is available for instructors.
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Principles of Economics in Context lays out the principles of micro- and macroeconomics in a manner that is thorough, up to date, and relevant to students, attuned to the economic realities of the world around them. It offers engaging treatment of important current topics such as new thinking in behavioral economics, financial instability and market bubbles, debt and deficits, and policy responses to the problems of unemployment, inequality, and environmental sustainability. This new, affordable edition combines the just-released new editions of Microeconomics in Context and Macroeconomics in Context to provide an integrated full-year text covering all aspects of both micro and macro analysis and application, with many up-to-date examples and extensive supporting web resources for instructors and students. Key features include: An eye-opening statistical portrait of the United States; Clear explanation of basic concepts and analytical tools, with advanced models presented in optional chapter appendices; Presentation of policy issues in historical, institutional, social, political, and ethical context--an approach that fosters critical evaluation of the standard microeconomic models, such as welfare analysis, labor markets, and market competition; Issues of human well-being, both domestic and global, are given central importance, enriching the topics and analytical tools to which students are introduced; The theme of sustainability--financial, social, and ecological--is thoroughly integrated in the book, with chapters on alternatives to standard GDP measurement, the environment, common property, public goods, and growth and sustainability in the twenty-first century; Full complement of instructor and student support materials online, including test banks and grading through Canvas.
Genre: Business & Economics, Editor: Routledge, Pages: 848 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781317462163

Principles of Macroeconomics is a lucid and concise introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of macroeconomics. This revised and updated third edition covers key macroeconomic issues such as national income, investment, inflation, balance of payments, monetary and fiscal policies, economic growth and banking system. This book also explains the role of the government in guiding the economy along the path of stable prices, low unemployment, sustainable growth, and planned development through many India-centric examples. Special attention has been given to macroeconomic management in a country linked to the global economy. This reader-friendly book presents a wide coverage of relevant themes, updated statistics, chapter-end exercises, and summary points modelled on the Indian context. It will serve as an indispensable introductory resource for students and teachers of macroeconomics.
Genre: Business & Economics, Editor: Oxford University Press, Pages: 288 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780190990848

Principles of Economics in a Nutshell provides a succinct overview of contemporary economic theory. This key text introduces economics as a social science, presenting the discipline as an evolving field shaped within historical context rather than a fixed set of ideas. Chapters on microeconomics introduce concepts of scarcity and tradeoffs, market analysis (the Marshallian cross of supply and demand) and the theory of the firm and market structure. Chapters on macroeconomics begin with an explanation of national income accounting, followed by discussions of macroeconomic theory in the goods market and in the money market from both a Keynesian and Classical view. The text concludes with examples of how to expand upon core material, introducing the perspectives of feminist and ecological economics. This book will be of great importance to students new to economics and is ideal for use on single-semester Principles courses or as a primer on economics courses in other settings. The text is fully supported by online resources, which include a set of analytical questions and suggestions for further reading for each chapter.
Genre: Business & Economics, Editor: Routledge, Pages: 150 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781000043730

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