This companion to "History of the World Christian Movement explores how varied and multi-cultural Christian origins and history really are.
Genre: Religion, Editor: Orbis Books, Pages: 749 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781570755200

This thorough, lucid, solidly researched book, the first of two volumes, charts the history of global Christianity.
Genre: Religion, Editor: A&C Black, Pages: 540 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0567088669

A monumental new history of Christianity from its beginnings as a persecuted cult, up to its present day international diversity. 'A model of condensation without simplification' - J.M Coetzee 'Clear and balanced. A triumph of compression... invaluable as a work of reference for students' - Karen Armstrong, Times 'A new and ambitious concept in presenting Christian history...a triumph. Never before, I suspect, has this cavalcade of thinkers been presented in a manner which so successfully combines depth, breadth, and succinctness' - Gerard Noel, Catholic Herald
Genre: Religion, Editor: Penguin UK, Pages: 704 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780141935478

33 fascinating objects. 1 amazing story. Join author and pastor Tim Challies as he embarks on a three-year journey spanning multiple continents and some of the most unusual places in the world. Tim introduces you to thirty-three carefully selected objects that help you understand the long and complicated history of Christianity in a unique and creative way. Beginning with Jesus and the early church, Challies looks at: The importance of graffiti on an ancient jail cell The creedal significance of a carving on a museum statue The enduring importance of ancient manuscripts and books And much more! Along the way, you’ll discover the story you're already a part of. Epic features: An epic journey: 24 countries, 6 continents, 75 flights, 80 museums Beautiful full-color book design featuring the objects and Tim's journey The complete experience: a 10-episode documentary is also available, taking you on location and providing an immersive experience for understanding the history of Christianity "Together we will listen to these voices of the past tell us the epic story of what God has done and continues to do in our world today." - Tim Challies
Genre: Religion, Editor: Zondervan, Pages: 176 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780310591719

This book is a multi-faceted collection of readings focused on the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of the task of world evangelization. The editors have pooled the contributions of over 70 authors to provide laymen and college students with an introduction to the history and potential of the World Christian Movement, a movement of men and women who have responded with courage and conviction to the challenges of this task. - Back cover.
Genre: Evangelistic work, Editor: , Pages: 941 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0853645396

This companion to "History of the World Christian Movement explores how varied and multi-cultural Christian origins and history really are.
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Describes the first 1,000 years of Christian history, from the early practices and beliefs through the conversion of Constantine as well as documenting its growth to communities in Ethiopia, Armenia, Central Asia, India and China.
Genre: Religion, Editor: Yale University Press, Pages: 416 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780300118841

Contributors: Philip Yuen-Sang Leung Mathias Mundadan Gerald J. Pillay Lamin Sanneh Andrew F. Walls
Genre: Religion, Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers, Pages: 161 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781610976244

This fascinating and lively book provides the first comprehensive discussion of the production, circulation, and use of books in early Christianity. It explores the extent of literacy in early Christian communities; the relation in the early church between oral tradition and written materials; the physical form of early Christian books; how books were produced, transcribed, published, duplicated, and disseminated; how Christian libraries were formed; who read the books, in what circumstances, and to what purposes. Harry Y. Gamble interweaves practical and technological dimensions of the production and use of early Christian books with the social and institutional history of the period. Drawing on evidence from papyrology, codicology, textual criticism, and early church history, as well as on knowledge about the bibliographical practices that characterized Jewish and Greco-Roman culture, he offers a new perspective on the role of books in the first five centuries of the early church.
Genre: Religion, Editor: Yale University Press, Pages: 356 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0300069189

A major new introduction to the global history of Christianity, written by one of the world’s leading theologians and author of numerous bestselling textbooks. Provides a truly global review by exploring the development of Christianity and related issues in Asia, Latin America and Africa, and not just focusing on Western concerns Spanning more than two millennia and combining elements of theology, history, and culture, it traces the development of all three branches of Christianity – Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox – providing context to Christianity’s origins and its links to Judaism Looks beyond denominational history at Christianity’s impact on individuals, society, politics, and intellectual thought, as well as on art, architecture, and the natural sciences Combines McGrath’s acute historical sensibility with formidable organizational skill, breaking the material down into accessible, self-contained historical periods Offers an accessible and student-oriented text, assuming little or no advance theological or historical knowledge on the part of the reader
Genre: Religion, Editor: John Wiley & Sons, Pages: 406 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781118337806