A candid, inspiring guide to finding lasting love by getting real about your relationship goals--based on the viral sermon series about dating, marriage, and sex. Realer than the most real conversation you've ever heard in church on the topic, Michael Todd's honest, heartfelt, and powerful teaching on relationships has already impacted millions. Michael believes that relationships are the epicenter of human thriving. All too often, though, we lack the tools or vision to build our relationships on the wisdom and power of God. In other words, it's good to have a goal, but you can't get there without proper aim By charting a course that candidly examines our most common pitfalls, and by unpacking explosive truths from God's Word, Michael's debut book will transform a trendy hashtag into a future where your most cherished relationships thrive in relational life, hope, and abundance. Now those are real #relationshipgoals.
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A candid, inspiring guide to finding lasting love and sustaining a healthy relationship by getting real about your goals—based on the viral, multi-million-view sermon series about dating, marriage, and sex “No matter where you are and no matter what stage of life you are in, Relationship Goals will be a game changer.”—Levi Lusko NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY COSMOPOLITAN You scroll through photo after photo of happy couples and think, I want a relationship like that! The thing is, those intimate relationships are a mirage—the closer you get to them, the more you realize they aren’t real at all. So what does a real relationship look like? And how do you get there? In Relationship Goals, Pastor Michael Todd digs deep to give you good news and real-life ideas for making the most of your most important relationships. Take a look at • what it means to choose intentional dating over recreational dating • how to move on from mistakes you’ve made in the past • why love gets stronger after marriage • what the Bible has to say about sex (hot take: it’s more sizzling than you think) • why the best friendships have God at the center Whether you are married, single, or it’s complicated, aiming for the right targets will make all the difference in finding true satisfaction. As it turns out, God’s got the best relationship goals of all for your life. Why settle for less?
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A House Without Walls is a powerful story of family, hope and redemption amidst the refugee crisis in Syria from the award-winning Elizabeth Laird, illustrated by Lucy Eldridge. Thirteen-year-old Safiya and her family have been driven out of Syria by civil war. Safiya knows how lucky she is – lucky not to be living in a refugee camp, lucky to be alive. But it's hard to feel grateful when she's forced to look after her father and brother rather than go back to school, and now that she's lost her home, she's lonelier than ever. As they struggle to rebuild their lives, Safiya realizes that her family has always been incomplete and with her own future in the balance, it's time to uncover the secrets that war has kept buried.
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Couple Goals: Couple Goals Bucket list Couple goals is a fun Planner for couples that want plan a life time of experiences and happiness together. Life is a journey with the experiences we share together, so use this planner as a map to help guide your relationship in the right direction. How does Couple Goals work? First make your significant other their favourite drink, and sit down together. Now talk about your goals and dreams together. It can be any thing big or small. Once you have decided on something that you would like to do together, write it down on a contents page (at the start of the book), then find an empty bucket list page and fill out the top section. Once you have completed the bucket list item, go back to the bucket list page and fill out the remaining questions. There is also a space to add photos, tickets or drawing from your experience.
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Make the breakthrough you need to take your relationship from good to great with this motivating workbook--the perfect companion to Michael Todd's guide to finding lasting love: Relationship Goals. Realer than the most real conversation you've ever heard in church on the topic, Pastor Michael Todd delivers honest, heartfelt, biblical wisdom for your relationships. Whether you've been married twenty-five years or are just tryin' to break out of the friend zone, this workbook will give you practical tools and provide strategic space for you to reflect in writing on your journey. Take the groundbreaking concepts you received from Relationship Goals and encounter additional coaching to apply them intentionally and impactfully to your life.
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ECPA BESTSELLER • Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller Relationship Goals and the author’s wildly popular sermon series, this 30-day challenge helps you take your relationship from good to great! Feeling tired of romantic relationships with no purpose—or looking to put more spark in your long-term love? Pastor Michael Todd draws on the themes of Relationship Goals to give you a month of biblically rich “let’s go deeper” challenges designed just for couples. We’re not talking simple date ideas or tips on what flowers to buy. We’re talking daily Scripture, intentional questions, and victorious outcomes as you get real about seeking God’s goals for you individually and together. As Michael looks at three key values of romantic relationships—purpose, healing, and oneness—he helps you find answers to questions like these: • How can we communicate with greater intentionality? • How does our relationship affect who we’re becoming as individuals? • How are we going to fight well, with our greater purpose in mind? • How do we find healing for deep-seated issues? • How do our spiritual lives affect our life as a couple? Take the next thirty days to create new habits that will set you down solidly on the road to meeting your relationship goals. At the end of this month-long challenge, you can look back on the goals you’ve already met and set new ones to look forward to. So get ready to win in relationship . . . together. Do you accept the challenge?
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Realer than the most real conversation you’ve ever heard on the topic, Michael Todd’s honest, heartfelt, and powerful teaching on relationships has already impacted millions of people in all seasons of life around the world. Now, in Relationship Goals, Michael tells his own story of heartache and healing, unpacks explosive truths from God’s Word, and tells it to you straight to help you win at relationships in every part of your life. Where did the idea for relationships come from in the first place? Does God really care who I hang out with? Is it even possible to avoid relational train wrecks? From his plan for intentional dating in the age of social media to handling break-ups well to doing family instead of just being in a family, Michael tackles the questions we all have about relational success. Download this book now to get the key insights from this book in 15 minutes.
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. SNAP Summaries is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact info[at]snapsummaries[dot]com with any questions or concerns. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: https://amzn.to/36GAtUD In Relationship Goals, Transformation Church lead pastor Michael Todd draws from scripture and personal experience to show how Christians can form and grow healthy and fulfilling relationships. What does this SNAP Summary Include? - Synopsis of the original book - Key takeaways from each chapter - How to date purposefully and in a way that glorifies God - Keys to a happy and successful marriage - Editorial Review - Background on Michael Todd About the Original Book: Many relationships today, Todd explains, are struggling because they are based on misguided ideas peddled by pop culture. Look up #RelationshipGoals on any social media platform and you’ll see what culture considers the ideal. But these Intagram-esque shots of couples cuddling on the edge of infinity pools and breathtaking videos of elaborate marriage proposals are not just an illusion, they also divert from what actually makes relationships last. Happy, stable, and rewarding relationships, Todd emphasizes, are built on God’s word, not some romanticized ideals. Quoting dozens of Bible verses and illustrating with examples from his life and people he knows, Todd offers a blueprint that believers can use to navigate every aspect of a relationship—from singleness and breaking up to dating and marriage. DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, Relationship Goals. SNAP Summaries is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact info[at]snapsummaries.com with any questions or concerns. Please follow this link: https://amzn.to/36GAtUD to purchase a copy of the original book.
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We live in the day and age where #GOALS are everywhere on social media and because of this, it is easy to get caught up in the façade that the internet creates about love. I am sure at some point throughout the day you see #COUPLESGOALS #MARRIAGEGOALS. I am a firm believer that your #RELATIONSHIPGOALS should be based on your commitment to each other and what works best for the two of you. You should strive to create a relationship that is healthy so that your only #GOAL is to impress each other and create a safe haven for your love.I created the #RELATIONSHIPGOALS journal as an outlet for the two of you to really dig deep into your own love story by being intentional with your thoughts and emotions while putting those feelings on paper. YOUR RELATIONSHIP! YOUR RULES!*Monthly Relationship Activities*Weekly Relationship Meetings*Daily Intimacy Tracker and so much more
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Everyone is a stranger at some point, right? Pulled by an explicable, undeniable thread of... something... Nick and Noah find themselves keen on becoming more. Hashtags and flights and late-night text sessions lead to a connection neither has experienced or expected. Beyond the shiny veneer of social media, further than the shallow depths of a good selfie, down to the real, for real stuff that relationships are made of... can Nick and Noah actually reach their prematurely awarded goal?
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