Finally, kisses from the billionaire's point of view... Jack Saunders wanted one last hurrah before taking the mantle of DS Oil & Gas, the billion-dollar company that his father founded. His friend, Owen, let him borrow his mansion on a tropical island so that he could throw a final party before "marrying" the business that would dominate the rest of his life. He brought his secretary, Brandy, hoping that he could kindle a relationship that would last through the long days and nights of running a company. However, while the party was great, the gold digging woman he brought was not, and Jack resigned himself to a lifetime of loneliness. That was until he took a walk down the beach and met her. A woman who didn't recognize him from the tabloids and only saw him, the man behind the money. Of all the women Jack had ever met, there was nobody like Emma LaRue. With one pretend marriage ceremony, she would change his life forever, and become the only one he ever wanted to give his saltwater kisses to. This novella is the first half of Saltwater Kisses written from Jack's point-of-view, with a few bonus scenes thrown in as well. It contains the first half of Saltwater Kisses as a sample and also throws in the cast of all the Kisses books in an ensemble that is sure to make any of Krista Lakes' fans happy! --- Emma pushed open her door and nearly stepped inside before he caught her. “What do you think you're doing?” Jack asked, his eyes twinkling. Despite running along the beach, he wasn't out of breath from running. He was out of breath controlling himself with Emma. It had taken every ounce of willpower he processed to get her back to the hotel room. The only reason he had managed to wait was that it was technically their wedding. He was looking forward to this part. “Opening the door?” Emma cocked her head to the side, confused. She had sprinted just as hard to get back here. With a fluid motion, Jack scooped her up in his arms. She giggled as she realized what he was doing, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him close. She pressed her nose into his throat and inhaled, taking in the scent of him. It made his heart race with primal need. He carried her to the bedroom, setting her down gently on the floor. She held onto him for an extra moment, as if she were soaking him into her skin. When she looked up at him, her long lashes fluttering over sea-green eyes, his heart melted into a puddle on the floor. She stepped back and in a one smooth motion raised the hem of her sundress up and over her head. All she had on was a pair of tiny white panties. Jack's breath caught and all the need he had been keeping tamped down came roaring to life...
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Krista Lakes, Pages: 150 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN:

Saltwater Redemption is a fictional memoir concerning the life experiences of its protagonist, Mayson Darcy, set in in Avalon, New Jersey. The plot tracks Mr. Darcys attempt to rediscover the golden innocence hed experienced as a kid growing up down the shore, revolving around his nineteenth summer living with a group of new friends and old acquaintancesa group of gender-segregated collegians who pick themselves to live in a summer shore house and have their lives recorded by a mad diarist. It explores the romance and magic of seashore living, as well as the perennially relatable themes of ones search for God, romantic love, and friendship. The novel begins with Maysons first recollection of swimming in the ocean, out past the drowning waters with his mother as a young child in Avalon, and ends with him venturing forth, out beyond the bow into an eternity of moonlight. In between, the narrative recounts some chronologically hopscotching recollections, including his enduring (and at times unrequited) love for three graceful ladies: Grayce Bateman, Lyrica Le Fay, and Sadie McGoldrick. Saltwater Redemption highlights the timelessness of certain settings: places to which we often return to escape from the manifold insanities and belittlements of the world in order to discover where we essentially belong. Above all else, Saltwater Redemption is poetically written filled with much humor and heartbreak, as well as a deep-seated admiration for the ocean and its manifold heroines, concerning a life inevitably crested in one timeless Arthurian locale.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: iUniverse, Pages: 508 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781532056536

Saltwater Kisses- Can anything taste sweeter than love? When small-town girl Emma LaRue won a vacation to an exclusive tropical island, a last minute cancellation meant she would be going by herself. Shy and studious, she never had time to fall in love, and often wondered if she was just meant to be alone. However, that all changed when a handsome stranger literally walked into her life while on the beach and sparks began to fly. New York's most eligible billionaire bachelor Jack Saunders thought this vacation would be the perfect escape, one last hurrah, before taking full control of his father's company. When an innocent Emma didn't recognize him, he figured that he might get a chance to have a vacation from being rich. He didn't tell her about the cars, the yacht, or the penthouse. All he did was let her fall in love with him. Soon, Jack found that he was the one falling in love with Emma. When they enjoy a fantasy marriage ceremony on the beach, they thought it was a bit of harmless fun before returning to their normal lives. A bittersweet goodbye was supposed to be the end of their perfect vacation romance, but when photos of the ceremony were leaked to the press, everything changed. Feeling lied to and thrust into a world of wealth and privilege, Emma must choose between following her dreams or following her heart. Will she be content at being nothing more than the billionaire's wife, or will she return to her normal life with only memories of saltwater kisses? Saltwater Kisses is the first book in a series of standalone billionaire romances. If you like sweet stories on the beach, then you'll love this story of a regular girl and a handsome stranger falling in love.
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Offering a panoramic view of the history and culture of food and drink in America with fascinating entries on everything from the smell of asparagus to the history of White Castle, and the origin of Bloody Marys to jambalaya, the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink provides a concise, authoritative, and exuberant look at this modern American obsession. Ideal for the food scholar and food enthusiast alike, it is equally appetizing for anyone fascinated by Americana, capturing our culture and history through what we love most--food! Building on the highly praised and deliciously browseable two-volume compendium the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, this new work serves up everything you could ever want to know about American consumables and their impact on popular culture and the culinary world. Within its pages for example, we learn that Lifesavers candy owes its success to the canny marketing idea of placing the original flavor, mint, next to cash registers at bars. Patrons who bought them to mask the smell of alcohol on their breath before heading home soon found they were just as tasty sober and the company began producing other flavors. Edited by Andrew Smith, a writer and lecturer on culinary history, the Companion serves up more than just trivia however, including hundreds of entries on fast food, celebrity chefs, fish, sandwiches, regional and ethnic cuisine, food science, and historical food traditions. It also dispels a few commonly held myths. Veganism, isn't simply the practice of a few "hippies," but is in fact wide-spread among elite athletic circles. Many of the top competitors in the Ironman and Ultramarathon events go even further, avoiding all animal products by following a strictly vegan diet. Anyone hungering to know what our nation has been cooking and eating for the last three centuries should own the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink.
Genre: Cooking, Editor: Oxford University Press, Pages: 736 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780199885763

The Road Within is a book of transformation, of lessons learned, maps drawn and burned, and spiritual blessings bestowed by that great and hard teacher -- travel. Learn what mystics and saints have always known -- that wondrous things await people who are in touch with themselves, with the world, and with God. Authors featured in this very different kind of travel book include Annie Dillard, Huston Smith, Natalie Goldberg, Andrew Harvey, Barry Lopez, and Bill Buford.
Genre: Travel, Editor: Travelers' Tales, Pages: 468 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1609520750

In this breathtaking sequel to Dead I Well May Be, which The Philadelphia Inquirer called "the most captivating crime novel" of the year, mercenary bad boy Michael Forsythe is forced to infiltrate an Irish terrorist cell on behalf of the FBI, and thus confront murder, mayhem, and the prospect of his own execution. With the same poetic lilt and heart-stopping suspense that made Dead I Well May Be a critical favorite, the saga continues with The Dead Yard -- a thriller in which Michael Forsythe must insinuate himself into the good graces of a band of calculating political terrorists. As the novel opens, he's on vacation in Spain, but when a soccer riot between Irish and English fans escalates out of control, Michael is suddenly arrested and thrown into a Spanish prison. Enter Samantha, a British intelligence agent as cunning as she is voluptuous. She makes Michael an offer he cannot refuse: instead of being extradited to Mexico to serve time for a prison break, he can help her by infiltrating an IRA sleeper cell in the United States, and she'll see to it that the Spaniards and Mexicans forget all about him. Filled with apprehension about the dangers of the assignment, Michael reluctantly agrees. Within hours he is flown to New York City and thrust into the nightmare world of men known for their distinctive brands of torture and revenge. Michael crosses and double-crosses key players, escapes his own lies by a hairsbreadth, loses his only ally, and falls for the daughter of his enemy -- a most inadvisable development. Boasting spot-on dialogue, crackling wit, and one of the most memorable heroes in all of crime fiction, Adrian McKinty's dazzling new novel confirms his reputation as a brilliant storyteller and writer on the rise.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Simon and Schuster, Pages: 304 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780743289269

Maggie was looking for a friend in Dahlia. She never guessed she’d find love, too. All the tenth-grade girls hate Dahlia Wainwright—a smart, natural beauty and freaky outsider all in one. And that’s exactly what Maggie Keller is drawn to, for she herself is an outsider, having withdrawn from the high school elite crowd after a car accident that killed her mother—an accident for which she blames herself. But Dahlia’s friendship—a manic journey into new identities and outrageous behavior— transforms Maggie in ways she could never have imagined. In her stunning first young adult novel, bestselling adult author Jennifer McMahon paints a lush portrait of the healing power of love.
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Editor: Penguin, Pages: 178 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781101043486

A cutthroat and daring new YA release, featuring one of history’s greatest anti-heroines.
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Editor: Text Publishing, Pages: 320 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781925774276

In a world full of uncertainty and confusion, it's very important to research the truth for ourselves and not let anyone deceive us. It is very important to search for the truth more than silver and gold. In this book, you will learn that everything is not what it seems and that there is a conspiracy against humanity. The world is a stage, and we are living in the final days, where the strong delusion the Bible speaks about is covering the earth and where the youth is taught that evil is good and good is evil. We must stand up against the deception that is being fed to the masses and expose the truth as it is before is too late. We must learn to rely on God for our healing and for our salvation and not put our trust in the pharmaceutical industry, the government, the apostate church, or in any men. The time has come for the veil to be removed and for the eyes to be opened to what the truth about this world and its system is, and about the truth of this life and the afterlife is. Everything we have been taught is a lie, and we must deny it and choose the love of the truth, or we will perish. Do not harden your hearts to what the Spirit has to say. Be wise and choose life. The day of the Lord is at hand. Are you ready to meet your Maker?
Genre: Philosophy, Editor: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc., Pages: 272 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781685177126

Mr. Faure has requested no marketing information by made available for this book. --the publishers
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