Did you know that your answers to just a handful of questions can predict the zip code of where you grew up? Speaking American offers a visual atlas of the American vernacular--who says what, and where they say it--revealing the history of our nation, our regions, and the language that divides and unites us.
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Did you know that your answers to just a handful of questions can predict the zip code of where you grew up? In 2013 Josh Katz accumulated and visually mapped over 350,000 unique survey responses to questions about word choice and pronunciation throughout America. His dialect quiz quickly became the most viewed webpage in the history of the New York Times. InSpeaking AmericanKatz offers a visual atlas of the American vernacular who says what, and where they say it revealing the history of our nation, our regions, and our language."
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This first study provides illuminating insights in to America's preeminent Yankee Radical and his concepts.
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Investigates the history and continuing evolution of American English, from the 16th century to the present, to celebrate the endless variety and remarkable inventiveness that have always been at the heart of our language. By the author of Images of English: A Cultural History of the Language.
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When Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Bilingual Education Act of 1968, language learning became a touchstone in the emerging culture wars. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Los Angeles, where elected officials from both political parties had supported the legislation, and where the most disruptive protests over it occurred. The city, with its diverse population of Latinos and Asian Americans, is the ideal locus for Zevi Gutfreund’s study of how language instruction informed the social construction of American citizenship. Combining the history of language instruction, school desegregation, and civil rights activism as it unfolded in Japanese American and Mexican American communities in L.A., this timely book clarifies the critical and evolving role of language instruction in twentieth-century American politics. Speaking American reveals how, for generations, language instruction offered a forum for Angelino educators to articulate their responses to policies that racialized access to citizenship—from the “national origins” immigration quotas of the Progressive Era through Congress’s removal of race from these quotas in 1965. Meanwhile, immigrant communities designed language experiments to counter efforts to limit their liberties. Gutfreund’s book is the first to place the experiences of Mexican Americans and Japanese Americans side by side as they navigated debates over Americanization programs, intercultural education, school desegregation, and bilingual education. In the process, the book shows, these language experiments helped Angelino immigrants introduce competing concepts of citizenship that were tied to their actions and deeds rather than to the English language itself. Complicating the usual top-down approach to the history of racial politics in education, Speaking American recognizes the ways in which immigrant and ethnic activists, as well as white progressives and conservatives, have been deeply invested in controlling public and private aspects of language instruction in Los Angeles. The book brings compelling analytic depth and breadth to its examination of the social and political landscape in a city still at the epicenter of American immigration politics.
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Speaking Naturally is for intermediate and high intermediate ESL/EFL students who are interested in using English in social interaction. Each unit contains:" Presentation of language functions (thanking, agreeing, disagreeing, inviting, etc.) in both formal and informal situations" Informative readings on the cultural rules students need to know in real-life situations" Exercises and role plays for pairs and small groups, to encourage interaction" Short recorded dialogues, which expose students to a range of American accents and levels of formality.Speaking Naturally can be used as a classroom text, as a supplementary text, and for self-study.
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Book and CD. Dialect is not simply a verbal costume worn by an actor -- it is fundamental to speech and therefore acting, in that it helps to locate the historical, biographical and social identity of a character. Meryl Streep described dialect as "a way of finding the essential truth of the character". Speaking American is a simple and accurate guide to speaking in a General American dialect. This is the preferred dialect for performance in a wide range of American stage, film and television works, and it can operate as a foundation dialect for other regional or ethnic American dialects. The book covers pronunciation, intonation, American lingo, phonetics, tongue placement, lip formation and practical exercises, as well as words and phrases useful for improvisation work. The accompanying CD complements the various lessons and exercises.
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In this provocative biographical portrait, Robert A. Gorman examines the political and intellectual life of this engaging radical thinker while looking ahead to the ways in which the work and example he has left us can affect political life in the twenty-first century. Michael Harrington's major attempt to Americanize socialism plays a big part in Gorman's analysis. He tells readers how it is possible to be both radical and patriotic and how an unjust system can be transformed without being destroyed.
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Argues that the Democratic party has lost its voice on the issues important to the middle class, and analyzes the failures of the Mondale and Dukakis presidential campaigns
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