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Ever since its first edition, education professors have relied on the Sadkers for their comprehensive coverage of all aspects of American education. Teachers, Schools, and Society provides in-depth coverage of the foundations of education (history, philosophy, governance, and law) while also presenting a clear overview of what it means to be a teacher today, and including commentary on current critical topics. Most importantly, a multicultural/diversity-oriented approach is taken in every chapter to provide the most integrated and thorough coverage of diversity in any introduction to education textbook.Written in an informal and highly engaging style that appeals to students, Teachers, Schools, and Society is punctuated throughout with interesting features. The pedagogical system is expanded and refined in the sixth edition to provide extensive student support. New to the text is an interactive element that integrates reflection into all features and that links students to the Online Learning Center to perform interactive activities and to find additional resources.Combine comprehensive coverage; an engaging, interactive pedagogical system; and unsurpassable integrated coverage of diversity with an excellent author team, detailed appendices, and a complete supplements package, and you have an extraordinary resource for introductory coverage of American education.
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First published in 1899, "The School and Society "describes John Dewey's experiences with his own famous Laboratory School, started in 1896. Dewey's experiments at the Labora-tory School reflected his original social and educational philosophy based on American experience and concepts of democracy, not on European education models then in vogue. This forerunner of the major works shows Dewey's per-vasive concern with the need for a rich, dynamic, and viable society. In his introduction to this volume, Joe R. Burnett states Dewey's theme. Industrialization, urbanization, science, and technology have created a revolution the schools cannot ignore. Dewey carries this theme through eight chapters: The School and Social Progress; The School and the Life of the Child; Waste in Education; Three Years of the University Elementary School; The Psychology of Elementary Education; Froebel's Educa-tional Principles; The Psychology of Occupations; and the Development of Attention.
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"If you think that Teachers, Schools, and Society: A Brief Introduction to Education was written to introduce you to the world of teaching, you are only half right. This book also reflects our excitement about a life in the classroom and is intended to spark your own fascination about working with children. We wrote this book to share with you the joys and the challenges we feel about teaching, as well as the importance of fairness and justice in school and society. With this fifth edition, our goals are unchanged. We work hard to provide you with information that is both current and concise, and we work even harder to create an engaging book- one that will give you a sense of the wonderful possibilities found in a career in the classroom. The primary intent of Teachers, Schools, and Society is to provide a broad yet precise exposure to the realities of teaching and the role of education in our society. The text will help you answer important questions such as: Do I want to become a teacher? How do I become the best teacher possible? What should a professional in the field of education know? How are schools and teaching changing? To help you answer those questions, we offer a panoramic, diverse, and (we hope) stimulating view of education. The text views education from several vantage points. In Part I, "Teachers and Students," we present the world of schools, teachers, and students from the teacher's side of the desk. Part II, "Foundations," examines the broad forces-historical, philosophical, financial, and legal-that shape the underpinning of our educational system. In Part III, "Schools and Classrooms," we explore the purposes of schools, daily life in and beyond school, and the obvious (and not so obvious) curriculum taught in school. In this last section, we also provide an overview and analysis of the reform movement and the many curricular changes that are now so much a part of America's schools. We conclude the text with a variety of effective teaching strategies and practical suggestions to make your first year in the classroom a success"--
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Written as a study of the 1983 A Nation at Risk report and its impact on public education, this book analyzes this reform and suggests future priorities for public education in the United States.
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This comprehensive anthology features classical readings on the Sociology of Education, as well as current, original essays by notable contemporary scholars. Assigned as a main text or a supplement, this fully updated Sixth Edition uses the open systems approach to provide readers with a framework for understanding and analyzing the book’s range of topics. Jeanne H. Ballantine, Joan Z. Spade, and new co-editor Jenny M. Stuber, all experienced instructors in this subject, have chosen articles that are highly readable, and that represent the field’s major theoretical perspectives, methods, and issues. The Sixth Edition includes twenty new selections and five revisions of original readings and features new perspectives on some of the most contested issues in the field today, such as school funding, gender issues in schools, parent and neighborhood influences on learning, growing inequality in schools, and charter schools.
Genre: Social Science, Editor: SAGE Publications, Pages: 528 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781544302386

During the educational and social transformations in politically tumultuous early twentieth-century China, Chinese teacher's schools played a critical role. They were a force in the changes that swept Chinese society, bridging Chinese and Western ideals, empowering women, and contributing to rural modernization. This innovative account examines the social and political aspects and impacts of these schools, their role in a society in transistion, and their production of grassroots forces that lead to the Communist Revolution.
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No More Failures challenges the assumption that there will always be failures and dropouts, those who can’t or won’t make it in school. It provides ten concrete policy measures for reducing school failure and dropout rates.
Genre: , Editor: OECD Publishing, Pages: 159 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9789264032606