The story of John Winthrop.
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The story of John Winthrop.
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This analysis of the progressive definition of John Milton’s social, political, and religious opinions during the fertile years of the Puritan Revolution has become a classic work of scholarship in the thirty-five years since it was first published. Professor Barker interprets Milton’s development in the light of his personal problems and of the changing climate of opinion among his revolutionary associates.
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From the time they stepped ashore at Plymouth and Salem, the New England Puritans have commanded attention, partly because of the boldness of their undertaking, partly because of its material success, but also because of the tension, excitement, and hope aroused by a large-scale effort to deal rationally with society. Their attempt to direct human relations into a consistent pattern derived from Biblical precepts has been the focus of my own interest in the Puritans. In previous works I have discussed their concepts of family relationships and of civil government. Currently I am engaged in a study of the way their ideas affected economic problems. In the ensuing pages I have tried to examine the origins and history of an idea that they considered more important for society than domestic, political, or economic ones, the idea of membership in the church.
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One of the most famous American journals is that of 17th century Puritan leader John Winthrop. As the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, an office he held with few interruptions for two decades, he worked to establish a society in which he thought true Christianity could flourish, beyond the reach of the unfaithful Church of England. Winthrop's journal has provided a window into a world that, while unfamiliar, continues to influence our sense of the meaning of America.
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Camilla Townsend's stunning new book, Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma, differs from all previous biographies of Pocahontas in capturing how similar seventeenth century Native Americans were--in the way they saw, understood, and struggled to control their world---not only to the invading British but to ourselves. Neither naïve nor innocent, Indians like Pocahontas and her father, the powerful king Powhatan, confronted the vast might of the English with sophistication, diplomacy, and violence. Indeed, Pocahontas's life is a testament to the subtle intelligence that Native Americans, always aware of their material disadvantages, brought against the military power of the colonizing English. Resistance, espionage, collaboration, deception: Pocahontas's life is here shown as a road map to Native American strategies of defiance exercised in the face of overwhelming odds and in the hope for a semblance of independence worth the name. Townsend's Pocahontas emerges--as a young child on the banks of the Chesapeake, an influential noblewoman visiting a struggling Jamestown, an English gentlewoman in London--for the first time in three-dimensions; allowing us to see and sympathize with her people as never before.
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An introduction to the diverse lives of the Puritan founders by a leading expert
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