The Quintessential Zerka documents the origins and development of the theory and practice of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy through the work and innovation of its co-creator, Zerka Toeman Moreno. This comprehensive handbook brings together history, philosophy, methodology and application. It shows the pioneering role that Zerka, along with her husband J. L. Moreno, played in the development, not only of the methods of psychodrama and sociometry, but of the entire group psychotherapy movement worldwide. It demonstrates the extent to which Zerka's intuitive and intellectual grasp of the work, combined with her superb ability to organize and synthesize, continue to exert an influence on the field. Toni Horvatin and Edward Schreiber have selected articles that span a career of some sixty years, from Zerka’s very first publication to recent, previously unpublished, work. Personal anecdotes and poetry from Zerka herself provide a valuable context for each individual article. The selection includes: psychodrama, it's relation to stage, radio and motion pictures psychodramatic rules, techniques and adjunctive methods beyond aristotle, breuer and freud: Moreno’s contribution to the concept of catharsis psychodrama, role theory and the concept of the social atom. This book provides a rich source of insight and inspiration for all those interested in the history, development and practice of psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy, whatever their level of experience. It will be of interest to anyone involved in the fields of psychology, counselling, sociology, social work, education, theatre, or human relations.
Genre: Performing Arts, Editor: Routledge, Pages: 348 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781134947454

The practice of psychodrama allows participants to create a world for themselves, free of usual rules and constraints. This freedom from all ordinary conventions is what Moreno called 'Surplus Reality', and is one of the most vital, curative and mysterious elements of psychodrama. In this book, Leif Dag Blomkvist and Zerka Moreno explore the depths of this long-neglected concept. In addition, each chapter is prefaced by Leif Dag Blomkvist's explanations and illuminations of the forces and energies - from early religious rituals and festivals to the art of Surrealism - which have influenced psychodrama. Psychodramatists and mental health professionals who wish to take therapy beyond the 'verbal' will find the book valuable reading.
Genre: Psychology, Editor: Routledge, Pages: 160 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781134694051

Whether leading training groups for executives or exploring effective methods of conflict resolution for high school students, this book serves as a "how to" for anyone who works with groups and searches for ways to enliven, focus, and inspire them.
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This book provides an accessible introduction to the Therapeutic Spiral Model in practice, describing how it works, its relationship with classical psychodrama, neurobiology, experiential psychotherapy and clinical psychology, how it differs from other experiential methods and how it has been used with diverse populations and in different cultures.
Genre: Psychology, Editor: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Pages: 371 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781849059237

This open access book outlines the intersections between social work and the methods of sociometry and psychodrama. Different sections offer essential practice wisdom for both trauma-focused and trauma-informed experiential work for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. This text enriches the understanding of various action-based approaches and highlights how to enliven social work practice. The chapters include clinical vignettes and examples of structured sociometric prompts with diverse populations, topics, and social work settings to enhance the understanding of group practice, individual practice, and community practice. It provides social workers and other professionals with dynamic tools to improve assessment, intervention, activism, and leadership. Strength-based practical tools are offered to readers, along with guidance for theoretical conceptualizations. This integrative book is an essential read for students, practitioners, leaders, and scholars within the fields of social work, psychodrama, the creative art therapies, group therapy, community organizing, and social activism.
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J. L. Moreno, M.D., is recognized as the originator of sociometry and psychodrama, and was a prodigious creator of methods and theories of creativity, society, and human behavior. The methods and techniques he authored have been widely adopted; the theories and philosophy upon which the methods are founded have not, as they are frequently couched in language which is not easily understood. Moreno’s ideas about group psychotherapy have pretty well gotten lost, and what he considered his greatest contribution, sociometry, gets paid superficial attention by most psychodramatists . Group psychotherapy and psychodrama are both widely practiced but often based on non-Morenean theory, likely due to the inaccessibility of Moreno’s work. This book outlines Moreno’s early years (his religious phase), the philosophy on which the foundation of his methods are based, and a description of the three major methods Moreno originated: psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy. It provides a more systematic presentation of Moreno’s work and presents his philosophy and theory clearer, more understandable manner.
Genre: Psychology, Editor: Routledge, Pages: 266 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781134466573

The Couch and the Stage explores the therapeutic effects of dramatic action. It details the psychoanalysts and action psychotherapists who conceived of the continuity of mind and body, words and action, challenging Freud's purely verbal and rational route to the unconscious. The book encourages mental health professionals to harness the knowledge of the dramatic therapies and contemporary neuroscience in the service of facilitating integration among discrepant parts of the self, the family and the group.
Genre: Psychology, Editor: Jason Aronson, Pages: 312 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0765704498

Improvisation is a tool for many things: performance training, rehearsal practice, playwriting, therapeutic interaction and somatic discovery. This book opens up the significance of improvisation across cultures, histories and ways of performing our life, offering key insights into the what, the how and the why of performance. It traces the origins of improvisation and its influences, both as a social and political phenomenon and its position in performance training. Including history, theory and practice, this new edition encompasses Theatre and performance studies as well as drama, acknowledging the rapid reconfiguration of these fields in recent years. Its coverage also now extends to improvisation in the USA, cinema, LARPing, street events and the improvising audience, while also looking at improv's relationship to stand-up comedy, jazz, poetry and free movement practices. With an index of exercises and an extensive bibliography, this book is indispensable to students of improvisation.
Genre: Performing Arts, Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing, Pages: 320 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781137348128

Are you a drama student looking for other ways to practice in your field? Perhaps you teach drama students or as a teacher want to enliven your lessons. Are you an actor who wants to diversify your role repertoire? Are you a therapist who uses active approaches to promote your clients' creative potentials? Maybe you want to be involved in a meaningful form of social action? This is the book for you Thirty-two innovators share their approaches to interactive and improvisational drama, applied theatre, and performance, for education, therapy, recreation, community-building, and personal empowerment.You are holding the only book that covers the full range of dynamic methods that expand the theatre arts into new settings. There are approaches that don't require memorizing scripts or mounting expensive productions. Dramatic engagement should be recognized as addressing a far broader purpose. There are ways that are playful, and types of non-scripted drama in which the audience become co-actors. This present book is unique in offering ways for participants to become more spontaneous and involved.
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Psychodrama: Advances in Theory and Practice provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the theory and practice of psychodrama, integrating different psychodramatic schools of thought. Psychodrama is one of the pioneering approaches of psychotherapy and is practised by thousands of practitioners and in most countries of the world. The editors of this volume bring together contributions from Europe, South America, Australia, Israel and the USA to explain and explore recent innovations. They look at how psychodrama has contributed to the development of psychotherapy, introducing concepts that have had a profound influence on other therapies. These include concepts such as role theory, the encounter, the co-unconscious, the social atom, sociometry, action research, group psychotherapy, the cycle of spontaneity and creativity, role play and many related concepts and techniques. This book will be of great interest to all students, practitioners and trainers in the field of psychodrama. It will also appeal to professionals and students in the related fields of psychotherapy, counselling, psychology and psychiatry.
Genre: Psychology, Editor: Routledge, Pages: 344 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781134112173