A hypnotic and absorbing debut novel from an extraordinary new talent—a must-read for fans of Sally Rooney, Jennifer Down, Siri Hustvedt and André Aciman (Call Me By Your Name)
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This edition of the bestselling Coastal Access Guide has updated maps and text. It should be in every coast-lover's car next to their Thomas's Guide. An invaluable reference for every Californian and California tourist looking to enjoy the coast.
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Beaches in Japan have been eroding since the 1970s because of artificial land alterations and unsustainable coastal development. Almost all causes of the beach erosion in Japan are due to anthropogenic factors — as a result of human activity. This book presents the state of the beaches throughout Japan, looking at the current reality and the classification of causes of beach erosion using real-life, illustrated examples. It then goes on to look at practical models which can be used to predict changes to different types of beaches, and concludes with investigation of beach erosion as a wider structural problem. Lessons learnt show the manner in which excessive coastal development without clearly identified measures for beach protection can have widespread global ramifications. This second edition presents new findings from field studies carried out on Japanese beaches, along with the development and improvement of the numerical model presented previously. In addition to the first edition, six new examples of the beach erosion in Japan are included, as is new analysis of the BG model (a model for predicting based on Bagnold's concept), which can be applicable to various field problems. Originally published in Japanese (2004), this updated version gives clear practical guidance to coastal engineers working to prevent irreversible beach erosion and sustainable coastal development policy.
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Learn about rivers and coasts and how water shapes the landscapes in different ways. Follow rivers from their source to the sea, and explore coasts around the world. Find out how erosion creates stunning waterfalls, and see how water affects our lives, from tourism and industry to the risks of flooding.
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Beaches in Japan have been eroding since the 1970s as a result of the artificial land alterations. Approximately 3000 fishing ports and 1000 commercial ports have been built nationwide, as well as 2532 large dams being constructed in the upstream basins of large rivers. Due to the port and dam developments, fluvial sand supply has significantly reduced resulting in shoreline recession around the river mouths. Continuous sand supply along the coastline has also been obstructed by the port breakwaters. The formation of wave shelter zone by the port breakwaters induce longshore sand transport, thereby leading to an accretion of large amount of sand in the wave shelter zone and erosion in the surrounding area. Thus, almost all causes of the beach erosion in Japan are due to anthropogenic factors. The exact situation of the beach erosion has never been clear in literatures that are written in Japanese, or in English. Coastal engineers can and should learn from these results, otherwise the same situation and problems, which were induced by excessive coastal development without protection measures and due attention given to nearby coasts, will recur throughout the world. Textbooks on coastal engineering, that were already published, describe only the theoretical fundamentals of the subject, but lack the practical perspectives and field studies. The book examines many coastal areas as examples, highlighting the various erosion factors which should be avoided elsewhere globally. This book was first published in Japanese in 2004, and was translated into English by the present author.
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Beaches of the Queensland Coast provides the first description of all Queensland's ocean beaches between Cooktown and Coolangatta, including beaches on 18 islands and in several large bays. It is based on the results of the Australian Beach Safety and Management Program, a nationwide assessment of Australian beach systems. This book has two aims. First, to provide the public with general information on the origin and nature of Queensland's beaches, including the contribution of geology, oceanography, climate and biota to the beaches, and information on beach hazards and safety. Second, to provide a description of each beach, including its name(s), location, access, facilities, dimensions and the character of the beach and surf zone. The book comments on the suitability of the beach for bathing, surfing and fishing, with special emphasis on the natural hazards. Based on the physical hazards, all beaches are rated in terms of public safety and scaled from 1 (least hazardous) to 10 (most hazardous).
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