Internationally recognised for its successful problem-management approach to effective helping, this book offers a step-by-step guide to the counselling process.
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This manual parallels the main text, THE SKILLED HELPER. The manual allows you to complete self-development exercises as well as practice communication skills and each of the steps of the model in private before using them in actual face-to-face helping interactions with others. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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The skilled helper model of counselling is hugely influential in the helping professions. Egan's Skilled Helper Model brings a number of new and challenging perspectives to bear on Egan's work and makes a major contribution to the development of this problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping. Val Wosket draws on over twenty years experience of counselling, training and supervising to provide a clear exposition of the model and situate it in contemporary counselling practice. Numerous case studies are provided throughout, along with contributions from experienced practitioners, illustrating how the model can be applied in a variety of clinical settings and with a range of counselling issues. Egan's Skilled Helper Model builds on and extends the aims of Egan's original work, covering key topics, including: Developing a client-responsive approach that places the therapeutic relationship at the heart of the model Applying the skilled helper model in research, training and supervision Translating the model into more accessible and adaptable language This book provides an invaluable resource for trainees, trainers, supervisors and experienced practitioners wishing to update their knowledge of the model. It will also be of great interest to anyone in the helping professions looking for a pragmatic integrative framework that is adaptable to a diverse range of client issues and contexts.
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If you don't want to study counseling formally but do want to understand the basics thoroughly enough to be an effective everyday counselor, this is where you start. Step by step, we show you how to become a skilled helper in all the roles you play in life, personal and professional. The book draws on the work of Professor Gerard Egan, whose approach has been followed by trained counselors and therapists around the world for well over 40 years. We've distilled these time-tested principles and practices to their essence but without compromising on their authenticity. Simplified, yes, but never simplistic. The book introduces a fresh and easy-to-follow way of looking at the helping process, breaking it down into a series of nine conversations that each represent a critical step on a logical journey from problem to some life-enhancing outcome. This flexible, all-purpose approach is independent of any psychological theory and makes sense to everyone, regardless of background. In short, it feels natural, and with practice becomes second nature, providing you with a framework for helping yourself as well as others deal with the challenges of living. We describe the seven essential communication skills you need to have at your command when helping people to make beneficial decisions about their problems, issues and opportunities. Throughout, key concepts are supported with examples and structured exercises.
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THE SKILLED HELPER has taught thousands of students a proven, step-by-step counseling process that equips them to become more confident and competent helpers. Internationally recognized for its successful problem-management and opportunity-development approach to effective helping, the text emphasizes the collaborative nature of the therapist-client relationship and uses a practical, three-stage framework that drives client problem-managing and opportunity-developing action. As they read, students also gain a feeling for the complexity inherent in any helping relationship. In the eleventh edition, Gerard Egan and new co-author Robert J. Reese emphasize the power of basics, which are the key ingredients of successful therapy. The authors name, simplify, clarify and organize these basics, showing students what they need to understand and DO to be effective helpers. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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The core text for counselor skill development, Becoming a Skilled Counselor prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective helpers. Authors Richard D. Parsons and Naijian Zhang provide an understanding of the essentials of the counseling relationship, the dynamic and intentional nature of the helping process, and the theories and research guiding the selection and application of interventions.
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The third edition Counselling Skills for Dieticians has been fully revised and updated to reflect the recent developments, research and interests in the field. It explores the skills required for dietetic counselling, and includes frequent examples of dialogue from patient consultations, as well as exercises and activities so that the reader can undergo experiential learning relevant to their practice. Includes examples from daily practice to illustrate the difficulties encountered by dietitians and demonstrate the application of counselling skills Clearly explains theoretical models of accepted counselling practice underpinning the skills described Has been updated to include additional information on topics such as assertiveness skills and eating distress Addresses practical and psychological issues faced by dietitians and patients Includes the latest research evidence for counselling skills in dietetic practice Draws upon research evidence, theory and experience from the fields of psychotherapy and counselling Now provides access to a range of supportive online material including videos of consultations, case studies and resources for trainers
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101 management theories from the world’s best management thinkers – the fast, focussed and express route to success. As a busy manager, you need solutions to everyday work problems fast. The Little Book of Big Management Theories gives you access to the very best theories and models that every manager should know and be able to use. Cutting through the waffle and hype, McGrath and Bates concentrate on the theories that really matter to managers day-to-day. Each theory is covered in two pages – telling you what it is, how to use it and the questions you should be asking – so you can immediately apply your new knowledge in the real world. The Little Book of Big Management Theories will ensure you can: Quickly resolve a wide range of practical management problems Be a better, more decisive manager who gets the job done Better motivate and influence your staff, colleagues and stakeholders Improve your standing and demonstrate that you are ready for promotion All you need to know and how to apply it – in a nutshell.
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This practical book enables students to develop key counselling skills that can help to enhance their practice and help to place the service-user at the centre of the decision making process. Relationship building will be a key area of the text and relevant counselling skills for achieving this in social work settings such as empathic responding will be illustrated in detail together with examples of dialogue and analysis of interventions. The role and importance of self-awareness will be discussed together with various exercises to develop the readers' own knowledge of themselves.
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