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From the mid-1830s until the end of the nineteenth century hundreds of plays were written and staged in the Australian colonies. The first known of these, Henry Melville’s The Bushrangers, was performed by a mixed amateur and professional cast at Hobart’s Argyle Assembly Rooms on 29 May 1834. By the end of the century at least six professional theatre companies were giving hundreds of performances of versions of The Kelly Gang to popular acclaim throughout the length and breadth of Australia.This Academy Edition presents the scripts of nine colonial plays, one of them in two versions. Beginning with Melville's short melodrama and ending with the best known of the Kelly Gang plays, first staged in 1899 in Sydney, the volume also contains a scurrilous satire Life in Sydney (1843), a pioneering romance Arabin; or, The Adventures of a Settler (1849), a short choral 'masque' The South-Sea Sisters (1866), a proto-nationalistic pantomime in Melbourne and Sydney versions The House that Jack Built (1869 and 1871), a city murder-mystery Hazard (1872), a comic-horror saga of a bush heroine For ₤60,000 (1874) and the first Australian stage classic, adapted in 1886 from Marcus Clarke's novel, For the Term of His Natural Life. Comprehensive general introduction Each play has been given generous historical and textual introductions and is supplemented with explanatory notes on the many people, places, events and stories referred to Appendix containing nearly sixty pages of music for the songs and tunes used in four of the productions Contains over 50 illustrations Special hardback volume with quality sewn bindings, decorative head and tail bands with coloured and gold foil blocking, and an attractive dust cover jacket Four of the plays have never before been published and the other five are copied from rare nineteenth century editions that are difficult-to-access Editorial apparatusAll of the plays in this edition are reset. Four of the plays – Life in Sydney, Arabin, For the Term of His Natural Life [from Marcus Clarke’s novel] and The Kelly Gang – have never been published before and have been transcribed from unique hand-written manuscripts; and the other five are copied from rare nineteenth century editions – The Bushrangers, The South-Sea Sisters, The House that Jack Built, Hazard, and For £60,000. The plays have been given generous introductions, placing the play in historical context and detailing the choice of copy text and textual variants, and are supplemented with explanatory footnotes.A comprehensive general introduction describes the Australian colonial theatre industry – its stories, artists, stage traditions and innovations – and explains the appeal that theatre had as art and show business to men and women from different social groups living in both city and country. The collection also has a chronology of events relating to colonial theatre, over 50 illustrations and an appendix containing nearly sixty pages of music for the songs and tunes used in four of the productions which is edited by Angela Turner.ContentsHenry Melville, The Bushrangers; or, Norwood Vale (1834)‘A. B. C.’, Life in Sydney; or, The Ran Dan Club (1843)James R. McLaughlin, Arabin; or, The Adventures of a Settler (1849)Richard Henry Horne, The South-Sea Sisters: A Lyric Masque (1866)William Mower Akhurst, The House that Jack Built; or, Harlequin Progress, and the Love’s Laughs, Laments and Labors, of Jack Melbourne, and Little Victoria (1869) and Anonymous, The House that Jack Built; or, Harlequin Jack Sydney, Little Australia & the Gnome of the Golden Mine, and the Australian Fernery in the Goden Conservatory, the Home of Di
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AUSTRALIAN THEATRE in the 1990s is a vigorous enterprise displaying the energies and contradictions of a multicultural society. This collection of essays by leading scholars of Australian theatre and drama surveys the emergence and directions of the new theatrical energies which have challenged or redefined the Australian 'mainstream': Aboriginal, multicultural, Asian-Australian, women's, gay and lesbian, community and young people's theatre; and charts the exciting growth of physical theatre. The contributors assess the impact of evolving funding and industrial priorities, and examine the theoretical and cultural debates surrounding Australian playwriting and theatre-making from the 1970s Vietnam dramas to the postmodern present.
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This book offers the first major discussion of metatheatre in Australian drama of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It highlights metatheatre’s capacity to illuminate the wider social, cultural, and artistic contexts in which plays have been produced. Drawing from existing scholarly arguments about the value of considering metatheatre holistically, this book deploys a range of critical approaches, combining textual and production analysis, archival research, interviews, and reflections gained from observing rehearsals. Focusing on four plays and their Australian productions, the book uses these examples to showcase how metatheatre has been utilised to generate powerful elements of critique, particularly of Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations. It highlights metatheatre’s vital place in Australian dramatic and theatrical history and connects this Australian tradition to wider concepts in the development of contemporary theatre. This illuminating text will be of interest to students and scholars of Australian theatre (historic and contemporary) as well as those researching and studying drama and theatre studies more broadly.
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This is the first book-length study of Australian theatre productions by internationally-renowned director, Barrie Kosky. Now a prolific opera director in Europe, Barrie Kosky on the Contemporary Australian Stage accounts for the formative years of Kosky's career in Australia. This book provides in-depth engagements with select productions including The Dybbuk which Kosky directed with Gilgul theatre company in 1991, as well as King Lear (1998), The Lost Echo (2006), and Women of Troy (2008). Using affect theory as a prism through which these works are analysed, the book accounts for the director's particular engagement with – and radical departure from – classical tragedy in contemporary performance: what the book defines as Kosky's 'post-tragedies'. Theatre studies scholars and students, particularly those with interests in affect, contemporary performance, 'director's theatre', and tragedy, will benefit from Barrie Kosky on the Contemporary Australian Stage’s vivid engagement with Kosky's work: a director who has become a singular figure in opera and theatre of international critical acclaim.
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Nick Enright (1950-2003) was one of Australia¿s most significant and successful playwrights. As a writer, director, actor and teacher he influenced theatre in Australia for thirty years. Enright wrote more than fifty plays for the stage, film, television and radio, translated and adapted more, and taught acting to students in varied settings, both in Australia and the United States. His writing repertoire included comedy, social realism, farce, fantasy and the musical. In addition to his prodigious contribution to all of these genres, he was a passionate advocate for the actor and the theatre in contemporary society. In this volume Anne Pender and Susan Lever present a set of essays and recollections about Nick Enright¿s work for students, teachers and scholars. The book offers a comprehensive study of Enright¿s writing for theatre, film and television. Scholars, acting teachers and theatre directors have contributed to this work each illuminating an aspect of Enright¿s remarkable career. The discussions cover interpretations of Enright¿s scripts and productions, detailed analysis of his directing style, substantial background and analysis of his writing for musicals, as well as accounts of his specific approach to acting and to adaptation across genres. The essays and recollections included in this book will inspire theatre practitioners as well as scholars. Most importantly, this book will inform and enlighten students and teachers both at high school and university about an exceptional career in the theatre.
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