Chief Nchindia held the Elders of his Council in total contempt, inwardly vowing to disagree with them at every point where disagreement was possible. What starts like a big joke develops into grim tragedy: the statue of the god of Nkokonoko Small Monje is discovered to have been stolen and sold to a white man! The tradition demands instant execution of the culprits. Was their Chief involved in the theft? What was worse, the crime or the punishment? Linus Asong was born in the South West Region of Cameroon in 1947. With a combined B.A honours in Education, in 1980 he entered the University of Windsor in Canada whence he graduated with a terminal degree in Creative Writing. He holds an M.A and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta, in Edmonton Canada, and is presently Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Ecole Normale Superieure Bambili (University of Yaounde 1). Asong is a stand-up humorist, a consummate portrait painter, an accomplished literary scholar, and a celebrated prolific writer with over a dozen novels to his credit.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: African Books Collective, Pages: 231 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9789956558568

This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Biology, Ecology and Management of Crown-of-Thorns Starfish" that was published in Diversity
Genre: Electronic book, Editor: MDPI, Pages: 281 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9783038426028

"When a girl from the wrong side of Charleston tries to sell a sixteenth-century painting stolen thirty years before, the antique shop's owners ask Nick Barrett to look into the mystery. His reluctant investigation collides with a woman desperate to free herself and her child from a cult."--Jacket.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Pages: 390 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0842330380

A fascinating biography of Bulgaria's tragic monarch, Boris III, based on private correspondence and extensive interviews with members of the Bulgarian royal family. The son of King Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Boris became king after the first World War. Noted for defying Hitler wishes for Bulgaria's Jews, the popular king died mysteriously in 1943 after a stormy meeting with Hitler.
Genre: History, Editor: Madison Books, Pages: 440 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781461730538

At Angelview Academy, Saint Angelle is considered God. But don't be fooled by his ridiculous name or that pretty face because Saint? He’s as wicked as they come. I should know. I'm the new girl who pissed him off. The nobody who called out his crew of vicious tyrants. The mortal who wouldn't bow then and sure as hell won’t now. Saint swears I'll regret it. He vows to own every inch of me. He even promises to make my senior year a living hell. I don't believe him, though. Because if angels can fall, so can so-called gods. And I want to be the one to bring Saint Angelle to his knees. SAINT is a full-length, 80,000 word new adult/ mature high school romance with enemies-to-lovers and bullying themes. It is not recommended for readers under 17 as it contains dubious situations and triggers that some readers may find offensive. It is NOT a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: EM Snow Romance, Pages: 360 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN:

The Shadow Realm was not what I expected. With it came so many unexpected joys, but also, the worst kind of pain. Back in our Realm once more, new enemies make themselves known, and betrayal is around every corner. It stings the worst when it's from the ones you thought you could trust with your life. We've sacrificed too much and waited too long to let anything stand in our way now. The journey isn't over yet, but out of the shadows, light is born.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: , Pages: 510 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1913769135

Crown & Thorns is the heart-stopping conclusion to The Realm series. When friends become enemies and enemies wield incredible power, will the kingdom of Troixden-and William and Anna's marriage-survive?
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Jl Spohr, Pages: 588 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 0998627712

“Carson joins the ranks of writers like Kristin Cashore, Megan Whalen Turner, and Tamora Pierce as one of YA’s best writers of high fantasy.”—Locus Magazine The second book in Rae Carson’s award-winning and New York Times–bestselling trilogy! Betrayal, love, and untold power fuel the heroic adventure of a seventeen-year-old princess turned warrior-queen. Fans of Tomi Adeyemi, Kendare Blake and Sarah J. Maas will be riveted. She does not know what awaits her at the enemy’s gate. Elisa led her people to victory over a terrifying, sorcerous army. Her place as queen should be secure. But it isn’t. Her enemies come at her like ghosts in a dream, from foreign realms and even from within her own court. And her destiny as the chosen one remains uncertain. To conquer the power she bears, Elisa must journey from the hidden catacombs beneath her own city to treacherous seas and a long-forgotten island. With her go a one-eyed spy, a traitor, and the man with whom—despite everything—she is falling in love. If she’s lucky, she’ll return. But there will be a cost. Don’t miss The Empire of Dreams, Rae Carson’s action-packed return to the world of The Girl of Fire and Thorns!
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Editor: Harper Collins, Pages: 432 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780062190086

The first of Louise Erdrich’s polysymphonic novels set in North Dakota – a fictional landscape that, in Erdrich’s hands, has become iconic – Love Medicine is the story of three generations of Ojibwe families. Set against the tumultuous politics of the reservation,the lives of the Kashpaws and the Lamartines are a testament to the endurance of a people and the sorrows of history.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Odyssey Editions, Pages: 284 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781623730383

Genre: Coral reef ecology, Editor: Macmillan, Pages: 248 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: UCSD:31822002420016