Melvin likes to throw a tantrum when he does not get what he wants, but he learns that the classroom rule, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" applies at home as well.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Editor: Capstone, Pages: 32 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781479521579

TV's most popular pitchman reveals the secrets of pitching to get what you want in virtually any situation. Anthony "Sully" Sullivan went from selling car washers in rainy Welsh street markets to selling to audiences of millions around the world as the face of OxiClean. How did he do it? Convincing people to give you what you want is an art form that takes charisma and confidence. But no great pitchman achieves success based on those qualities alone. The good ones make themselves great with practice and discipline, mastering a series of skills that Sullivan dubs the ten "Pitch Powers." These are essential techniques he's learned in more than twenty-five years "on the joint" (that's pitchman-speak for the area where you're selling). For the first time ever, Sullivan reveals the secrets behind his seemingly superhuman ability to persuade others--even if they start out regarding you with suspicion or even hostility. Do it right and you'll change minds, open doors, get opportunities, turn adversaries into allies, make more money, and gain the kind of confidence that makes other people want to know you. From the first Pitch Power ("Know Your Acceptable Outcomes") to the last ("Finish with Confidence")--with invaluable strategies along the way on using your flubs to get a laugh, how to deal with push-back, and more--Sullivan reveals that pitching is all about engaging a person face-to-face and eye-to-eye so they feel like you're speaking directly to them, even if there are fifty other people in the room. It's turning a crowd of strangers with their arms folded into a legion of fans ready to say "yes" enthusiastically to whatever you propose, what Anthony Sullivan calls fierce agreement. It's the power to get the job, get the girl (or guy), get the part, make money, get better service, advance your career--do just about anything you want to do.
Genre: Business & Economics, Editor: Da Capo Lifelong Books, Pages: 256 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780738220079

Tony unearths a corruption scandal linking the mafia to the inner circle of the president himselfIn New York, some tenants will do anything to land a rent-controlled apartment. Tony Cassella is investigating one such tenant—a man who’s defrauding his building owner. The case is interesting, but something even better is about to drop in the private investigator’s lap. Cassella has just landed a real estate case that could bring down the right hand man of the president of the United States. Rumors are swirling that the freshly appointed US attorney general used mob muscle to evict tenants from apartments he owns in the Bronx. After one of the attorney general’s alleged mafia contacts dies in an ugly gangland hit, Cassella finally has the thread tying the South Bronx real estate scam to Washington. But his search for the truth will land him squarely in the mob’s cross hairs—a deadly reminder of the evil some men will do to squeeze money from choice property. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Larry Beinhart including rare images from the author’s personal collection.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Open Road Media, Pages: 378 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781453259283

Lorain has been a prisoner of her secrets for almost her entire life. At the age of thirteen, she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, discarding the infant and leaving it for dead. Years later, Lorain’s mother finally met the love of her life, and Lorain couldn’t find the courage to tell her mother that her new beau was the man who molested Lorain and impregnated her. Now, to complicate matters, Lorain discovers that the baby she abandoned all those years ago survived, and God has placed Lorain in her now adult child’s life. It seems like the legacy of secrets has been passed on, too, as Lorain helps her daughter conceal the true details behind one of her own pregnancies. Lorain has managed to maneuver the secrets and lies like pieces in a strategic game of chess and is now living the lavish, fairy-tale life of a doctor’s wife. But even that is a lie. With the rug about to be pulled out from under Lorain by the woman who raised her abandoned child, all Lorain prays for is that everything will end well. In this cycle of lies, secrets, shame, and guilt, will Lorain get what she prays for?
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Urban Christian, Pages: 288 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781622863815

Screenwriter and new voice to fiction Jeff Farley delivers a nostalgic Brooklyn coming-of-age tale about finding love, holding on to dreams, and learning to forgive. It’s 1992, Brooklyn, New York. All of the girls had bamboo earrings—at least two pair. Charisse Hawkins, adored and admired by her best friends and one of the smartest and most sought after girls in high school, has dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother, who works tirelessly to support her, is proud she’s on the right path. Then she meets him, Jamal Butler, a part-time college student who lives at home and works an obscure job. Too old, not her type, and certainly not part of her plan, Jamal wants Charisse for nothing more than to please his ego. He is willing to use any tactic to gain the affection of a naive Charisse. He offers what she’s never known before—the love of a man. Or so it seems. Life takes a sharp turn when Charisse spends her graduation day giving birth to their premature daughter. Her priorities change and so does Jamal. Suddenly Charisse’s world is turned upside down and truths are exposed about her family and friends. She begins a journey of tough life lessons as she struggles to come to grips with her role as mother and ultimately having to accept one of the simple rules of life: You Get What You Play For.
Genre: Fiction, Editor: Simon and Schuster, Pages: 304 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781451674293

Millions of people struggle with questions about how to pray, what to pray for, and even whether to pray at all. Nancy Jo Sullivan and Jane Kise help people get away from the magic formula mentality of prayer and recognize how God is at work in their lives. With explorative retellings of relevant Bible stories, true accounts of people's prayer experiences, and reflections by the authors, this book will lead people past the topic of prayer and straight to the God who is listening. Well, did you get what you prayed for? Or are you weary of waiting for answers? Wondering if God is even listening? You’re not alone. Millions of people grapple with knowing how to pray, asking: Have I used the right words? Do I even deserve an answer? Why would God listen to me? Yet the essence of prayer is not a formula, but a relationship with God. Renew your hope and refresh your prayer life through these inspiring, true stories. Meet people who discovered that God indeed hears, cares about the details, and gives you exactly what you need. Encouraging. Relevant. Uplifting!
Genre: Religion, Editor: Multnomah, Pages: 210 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780307807205

Sometimes you get what you want. Sometimes you don’t. This is a book about those times.
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Editor: Harper Collins, Pages: 32 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9780061140150

Imagine how much easier your life could be if you could get people on your side instantly. If you had the skills of effortless persuasion that produced the results you wanted and needed, when you needed them. Like a How to Win Friends and Influence Peoplefor the 21stcentury, You Need This Bookis a powerful recipe for getting what you want in life, from a better job to how to get served quickly at a busy restaurant. Trained by Paul McKenna, Mark Palmer and Scott Solder are experts in interpersonal dynamics. Until now, their elite techniques have been available only to high-paying clients, who have seen fantastic results in performance after attending their 'You Need This' seminars. Bringing their infectious personalities and clear, accessible style to a wider audience, Palmer and Solder impart their in-depth knowledge of how to influence people - in business and in personal life - with humour and a very British voice. From getting rid of 'toxic autopilots', to learning how to read people's moods, the book is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to get on in life and get the job, relationship and happiness they deserve.
Genre: Self-Help, Editor: Simon and Schuster, Pages: 304 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781847377135

In a world where every business, brand, product, and service needs a strong visual identity, it’s critical for clients and creative professionals to work together. And the key to success, as with any relationship, is communication. In Dear Client, award-winning graphic designer Bonnie Siegler offers an invaluable step-by-step guide to how to talk so creatives will listen, and how to listen when creatives talk. Written as a series of honest, friendly lessons—“Know What You Like,” “Decide Who Will Decide,” “Focus Groups Suck,” “Don’t Say ‘Make It Yellow,’ Say ‘Make It Sunny,’” “Serve Lunch During Lunchtime Meetings”—it shows exactly how to deal with the subjectivity, emotional pitfalls, and occasional chaos of a creative partnership. Here’s how to articulate your visual goals and set a clear, consistent direction. How to give feedback that works and avoid words that inhibit creative thinking. How to be open to something you didn’t imagine. And most of all, how to have fun, save money, and get the results you want.
Genre: Business & Economics, Editor: Artisan, Pages: 192 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 9781579658557

If you want to transform your music hobby into a profitable and sustainable career, You Get What You Give is the book you need to succeed. You Get What You Give is a business parable that follows Casey, an aspiring music producer stuck in a dead-end job. Every day he leaves his dream of being a successful music producer behind as he clocks in at the office. One day, he rage-quits his job but realizes he has no idea how to find clients to replace his income. After a disastrous start, he meets a mentor who teaches him the success strategies he needs to make an impact and find success with his music career You Get What You Give will teach you: How To Find More Quality Clients to Grow Your Music Business The Productive Habits You Need to Succeed How To Understand Your Customer So That You Can Get More Gigs How To Increase Your Income With Diversified Income Streams ...And How to Define Your Own Success Quotes from Colleagues"Björgvin has been a real model to follow [for] ideas and direction on how to organize, monetize, and implement my online platform as an artist and entrepreneur. He helped me launch my first online course and that course sold over $14,000 in the first couple weeks." - Chris Selim, Music Producer and Creator of Mixdown Online"I tend to be a little more audio-nerd than entrepreneur. Because of this, I frequently have "small business blind-spots" which Björgvin has helped me overcome. When he speaks, I take notes. His advice has dramatically changed my business. The benefit to my business was just bananas. It was tens of thousands of dollars in extra business. It was weird how it instantly worked!" - Chris Graham, Mastering Engineer and Co-Host of the Six Figure Home Studio Podcast
Genre: , Editor: R. R. Bowker, Pages: 172 in PDF, Epub, Mobi, ISBN: 1733688838